02 December 2007

Guest Review of Power House Brewing Co. from HBG friends Jamey and Libbie

Although none of the knights were able to make it down to the Power House Brewing Co. firkin party, we did have friends who made it down to Columbus to check out the scene:
Hi, Jamey and Libbie here.

We went to Power House Brewing last night (12/1/07) and unfortunately missed the firkin of Bells - but we overheard our server talking about it and he said that it was Bells Third Coast.

When we got there we ordered a pint of their Power House Columbus Common Ale and it was wonderful. Fortunately for us, it happened to be the last pint left in the keg. This beer was great; we would compare it to Two Brothers French Country Ale, which Power House also sells in bottles. They are brewing a batch of some kind of stout that should be on draft the middle of this week. Their brewery is tiny - in fact, it's located in the front window of the place. I think they only make 40 gallons at a time, and they only have one of their beers on tap at a time.

They have 19 really awesome beers on draught. Bonus points for having the Brugge Black on tap! They have some great beers available in bottles, too, with carry-out singles - we bought a couple Lafayette Brewing beers and one large bottle of the 11th Anniversary Ale from Stone.

Have you guys been here? If not, you MUST go! This place is a real gem and it has so much history. You won't want to leave - we sure didn't. Their food is excellent! They make their beer batter out of the run-off from pouring their draughts so the batter changes taste every day. Our server said that some days it might be a light-colored batter and other days it might look almost burnt because of the different ratios of light & dark beers.

Everyone that was in the place was really knowledgeable about beer and most are homebrewers. They have a home-brewer club every Tuesday if any of you are interested.

This was our very first visit there and we will definitely be going back soon and often! Can you tell that we liked the place?
Our thanks go out to Jamey and Libbie for the review.

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