20 December 2007

It's Supertweaky

As you're probably well aware by now, the Hoosier Beer Geek site has been going through a bit of transformation as of late. My goals in this redesign are a little less clutter and a little more user friendliness. I hope I'm on the right path.

In addition to the tweaks to the look, we've added a new feature to the navigation pane to the right - a recent comments section. After Chris suggested this during a conversation at Rock Bottom last evening, I revisited the widget code - a piece of code I had wrestled with previously - and in a investigative manner not unlike that used by Scooby Doo, solved the mystery. Actually I just read the directions this time.

The tweaking isn't quite done yet, but we're getting there. If you've got any suggestions, please voice them, and I'll see if it fits.


  1. Some blog tweaking thoughts:
    I was going to email this to the group, but my email is having problems. Probably took off early to start the holidays.

    Anyway, I think dropping the lables list would do a lot in decluttering. The beers we've reviewed list will get most people what they want. Perhaps another list of bars & stores we've visited.

    I might also suggest that, either on a rotating or constant basis, we have a KOTBR Six Pack list, a quick look at what each Knight is listing in their top 6. It could be anything from top 6 beers for Christmas, to top 6 bars to people watch, to top 6 reasons why The Breakfast Club is a chick flick. Maybe one or two Knights at a time, change/rotate it every couple of weeks.

    And my 6 pack of favorite posts on HBG, in chronological order:

    Bugging the Piss Out of Jim

    Don Quixote de la Munchies

    Hop Shop Haiku

    Dad's Inc, Hop Shop, and Good Beer Show Review

    The Hopslam Review

  2. Quick layout comment: I like the beer shelves picture, but your HBG logo is much cooler. I think the logo should be more prominent than the picture.