05 December 2007

Our New Year's Party keeps getting better

Not long after I sent out the New Year's invite, I received an email from Ted Miller of Brugge Beer/Brasserie, in which he suggested that maybe we'd like to try on a "delectable little pilot brew from the TH plant. It's a Strong Belgian Blonde thing. I know you've got another Strong Belgian Blonde thing on that night, but I thought that might be kinda fun."

I'd agree.

So near midnight we'll introduce a Hoosier Beer Geek first - A Hoosier Beer Geek 2007 Commemorative Ale - Sint Sylvester Vooranvond from Brugge Beer.

What's the "Sint" about? Let's consult the sacred-texts.com
In Belgium, New Year’s Eve is called Sint Sylvester Vooranvond, Saint Sylvester Eve. The réveillon, or New Year’s Eve family party is thrown. At midnight everyone kisses, exchanges good luck greetings, and drinks toasts to absent relatives and friends. The cities, cafés, and restaurants are crowded with people who bid farewell to the Old Year.

"Sylvester" is the nickname popularly applied to the lazy boy or girl who rises last on the final day of the year. Since "Sylvesters" traditionally have to pay a forfeit to their brothers and sisters, each child tries to be first to bound out of bed on the morning of December 31.

Girls, especially, try to be industrious on this day because of the old saying that one who does not finish her handwork by sunset will remain an old maid throughout the year.


  1. You guys had me at "beer." But WOW, this is really shaping up to be the ultimate beer lover's party! I'm excited already.

  2. I think that NYE will put the anniversary party to shame.

  3. So this will be available at Deano's or at Brugge? Or neither?

  4. We'll tap ours around midnight on the 31st at Deano's - and I think after New Year's it will be available under the same name at Brugge until supplies run out.

  5. Deano's is normally closed on Mondays, so does it not open until 9 or does the buffet start earlier? I have been calling but no one is answering right now.

  6. I think they'll open at 5pm. They're closed Mondays for lunch, but open for dinner. Keep checking at 5, Matt. See you tonight.