12 December 2007

Mid-week Crisis at John's

When doing the free beer tastings at Big Car, the most common question asked is "Where can I buy this?" Often, we hear from people who live or work downtown that don't necessarily want to hoof it to the Hop Shop, Parti-Pak, or Kahn's. Where do they go?

There are several options. Rural Inn has a great beer cooler stocked with all sorts of imports and crafts. Marsh the Marketplace at Lockerbie (formerly O'Malia's) expanded their beer offerings. I haven't been to Goose the Market yet, but they apparently have a nice beer and wine cellar.

But I'd like to point out an often overlooked location: John's Liquors on Pennsylvania between Market and Washington. While I'm certain it is frequented by the residentially challenged who are looking for some cheap wine to warm up with, it also has a nice collection of finer liquors as well as better beers. It is not the biggest selection in the city, by any means, but they do carry a number of micro, craft, and import beers.

And Wednesdays, as I discovered, are "Mid-week Crisis" days. You can get 15% off of single bomber bottles like Three Floyd's Alpha Klaus, Delirium Tremens, Breckenridge 471 IPA, or Trois Pistoles. Also, buy three different six packs of micro or import beers, and get the fourth for a penny.

It's good to have good beer. It's better when it is nearby. It's best when it's on sale!


  1. Man, I always forget about John's. I think I've only been there twice. The problem is that when I beer shop, I really need parking fairly close. I don't have a problem walking multiple blocks from parking to my destination in downtown, but I'm not too keen on lugging a bunch of beer when I do it.

    I wasn't aware of these Wednesday sales, though. Buy three 6ers, get one for a penny is an awesome deal! Definitely good enough to get me out there from time to time.

  2. For me, the perk is that I have a new place to drink my lunch. Er, visit during my lunch break. Or something like that...