10 January 2008

Wabash Valley On Tap

The word on the street is that Wabash Valley Brewery is getting ready to start shipping, and they're kicking off by distributing a few kegs around town for sampling.

For those of you who aren't familiar with these beers, this article from the Terre Haute TribStar provides details:
The new Wabash Valley beers will be “a little bit toned down, lighter on the body with flavors that wouldn’t offend” consumers who’ve not ventured beyond the big three, said Micah Weichert, the head brewer for the Vigo Brewing Group.

Weichert, along with Brugge mastermind Ted Miller, crafted the recipes for the five Wabash Valley beers.
Deano's is getting a keg tomorrow either of the Gangster Pale Ale or the Wabash Cannonball Porter. Samples are free, pints are $3 bucks. Stop buy and let Nick know what you think about the beer so he can report back to the guys at Wabash Valley.


  1. Tried the Cannonball Porter at Deanos. Good beer. It was served a bit too cold to discern all the attributes but the beer seemed very clean, with a character somewhere between a brown porter and a robust porter. I'd buy it again. I hope all the other offerings are as good as this one. (secretly hoping they offer an IPA at some point.)

  2. Tried the porter again at a warmer serving temp. Still very clean and the roast character was delightful! Sadly the keg blew on the next pour.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the blown keg - I was going to make a special trip over.