11 January 2008

Our Bi-Weekly Brugge Beer Update

From the Hoosier Beer Geek mailbox:
I wondered if you had any insider info on just WHEN THE HELL those Brugge beers are likely to be seen in the finer purveyors of our collective favorite beverage? I'm sure that Charlie gets people nagging him about it daily as they are a couple of months behind schedule and as I don't get up to Broad Ripple as often as I like, I am impatient....I assume we're looking at around $8-10 for a 750ml bottle....?

Hope to make it to an upcoming event. Continued success in the new year!


Well Kurt, in this case you know as much as we do. So I forwarded on the email on to Charlie at Brugge.
Hi Mike.
I wish we could answer Kurt's email more specifically, but the best I can do is refer you to our weblog and this new post:

What Happened and What's Happening

He's pretty close on the bottle price. Black, White, Sacre Fleur Saison will have one price point, with Dubbel and Tripel de Ripple a bit higher. Prices will be finalized as soon as the bottling line is up and running.

The "nagging" about availabilty is actually encouraging. We're as anxious to get our beer to you as you are to enjoy it. If the nagging stops, then we're in trouble!


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