03 January 2008

There's always room for improvement

Now that a few days have passed and we've finished patting ourselves on the back over the success of the New Year's party, we'd like to "open the floor" to our readers, party attendees, big car sampling colleagues, or anyone else, and ask "what can we do to make Hoosier Beer Geek better?"

Anything is fair game here - from the site and review writing, the events, the beer we're sampling - everything but the site design, which is completely perfect. Ok, even the site design is open for scrutiny.

What would you like to see from us? What can we do to make your visits to the site more worthwhile? What sort of events would you like to see us put on? How can be better beer geeks?

* * * * *

And while you're pondering these questions, check out some NYE photos over at Indy.com's Party Crasher.


  1. How about just a single column to the right of the posts? Your third column has very little in it since you eliminated the labels.

    No First Friday tasting this month?

  2. We aren't doing the first friday tasting this month because we all felt like the party was enough work for one month, plus our happy-go-lucky beer tastings didn't really seem to fit with this month's show at Big Car. We'll be back in February.

    As for the site design... I hacked the template for a three column layout because I wanted to set the site apart from the standard blogger templates - if you look around at other blogger sites you'll find that a three column layout is actually pretty rare.

    The three columns also allow us to put more of what I'd call "drawing-in content" above the fold (to use the newspaper term), which I've read is better for grabbing the attention of new readers.

    Lastly, these columns tend to grow and shrink a lot - once we put up a couple event posters and polls and stuff like that the white space gets filled pretty quickly. And I putting things way down on the page because then they tend to get lost with regular readers.

    I hope that makes as much sense to other people as it does to me - I'm a little bit obsessive about the layout. Ok, probably more than a little bit.