18 January 2008

Beer Diary - Jason

Friday, January 18, 2008: Having had Hopslam on the brain for a while, I was feeling mighty thirsty come lunch time today. Headed to BadaBoomz (new website) for one of their $6 lunches (Fish and Fries on Friday...highly recommend) and Mike Deweese recommended I try the Goose Island Pere Jacques that they currently have. He told me he had been trying to get some different beers from GI, but all that they would send him is Matilda. Then GI accidentally loaded two 1/6's on a truck headed for their Indy distributor. They asked Mike if he wanted them, and he gave them a "Hell yes!"

A very tasty, very sweet Belgian Dubbel. Not fruity, but very sugary. Some strong alcohol characteristics. A doozy of a lunch beer at 9% ABV. $5.50, served in a goblet. $1 off today (Big Ten day) and Tuesday (Goblet day), though with only 100 servings available, it may not last long.


  1. I bought a four-pack of Pere Jacques at Trader Joe's last week. Love the stuff. Best GI beer I've had.

  2. I agree. I've been to their brewpub at Wrigley twice. Their beers are fine, but not really my favorite. I think Chris and I had the Pere Jacques the last time we were up there. Knocked me on my ass then. Has the potential to do it again. If the Knights want to change locations, this might be a good review beer for the 24th.

  3. Everyone knows Clybourn is the better Goose Island. :D

    I had the Pere Jacques up there last year or maybe the year before and loved it. I am super excited to be able to get it on tap in Indy!

  4. Definitely good stuff. But like I said, only about 100 pints available, so I'd hussle.