30 January 2008

News of brews from around the world

- Going to watch that anti-climactic football game this Sunday? Here are some craft beer suggestions for the game from finance website TheStreet.com. Brian Graham of Indy's own Hot Shotz Ale & Grill is quoted in the article. I've had only one beer mentioned in the article (Stone's Arrogant Bastard). Anyone tried the others?

- From the heartland of Canada: the Great Western Brewing Company seeks the answer to the age old question, "How long can beer sit outside in winter before freezing?"

- Chicagoist recommends Unibroue's vintage brew Quelque Chose, which is best consumed when heated (yes, you read that correctly).

- We at HBG encourage you to drink your beer from a glass to better appreciate the beer's appearance, aroma, and flavor. Miss Manners, on the other hand, thinks it's just a matter of good table manners.


  1. I remember Magic Hat #9 being quite drinkable. Somewhat fruity with a bit of hop character, though it's not available around here. Flying Dog's Gonzo Imperial Porter is quite good, especially on tap. Though I'm not sure how well it stands out from other Imperial Stout/Porters.

    I froze a keg New Year's Day by leaving it outside over night. What do I win?

    I'll also use this as an excuse to recommend you try Left Hand's Rye Bock. My fiancee and I split a bottle last night and both agreed that it is amazing.

  2. Long time reader, first time poster.

    In regards to the first story you mentioned unfortunately the Southhampton and the Peak Organic aren't available in Indiana. Magic Hat isn't available in Indiana either but is in Michigan. Last time I visited my parents in MI I picked up some singles and I tried Magic Hat's Circus Boy, a german hefeweizen, which was actually pretty good. I look forward to trying more from this Brewery which has beers with such funky names.

    I've seen the Sam Adams Irish Red and the Shock Top Belgian White around and look forward to trying both of these new beers. Then of course there's the Arrogant Bastard and the Gonzo Imperial Porter. Both of these are excellent and I recommend them to anyone.

    On a final note, I actually picked up a bottle of the 2002 Quelque Chose just before Christmas. I got it from the United Package Liquors on the corner of Fall Creek and 79th St. in Lawrence. They may have still have some if any one is interested. I haven't had this yet, maybe I'll need a warm beer if we get this snow storm they are reporting in the next couple days.

    Cheers all and thanks for the great website.

  3. Rodney - froze a keg of what? Your prize depends on how good the beer was.

    SmartestMonkey - welcome to posting - I hope you'll find it quite rewarding.

    The Shock Top is nothing worth noting - it's a generic Blue Moon sort of Belgian White. Gina and I sampled it when we did the AB brewery tour in St. Louis.

  4. Matt and I had the Peak Organic during last summer's trip to New England. I hazily remember it being pretty good.

  5. magic hat #9 is sort of apricoty. i guess it's supposed to be some sort of pale ale, althought they don't really adhere to styles so much at magic hat. i wouldn't turn one down. the brewing network has a really good interview with the head brewer in their archives. the whole operation there at magic hat sounds like a blast.

    for anyone who cares: tuxedo park is brewing the latest iteration of black out on sunday from early until around 2pm (have to finish WELL before the superbowl). we have some interesting stuff on tap, including a killer weizenbock and a nice fruity pale ale, so come on by if you have nothing to do pre-game.

  6. In retrospect, I've also sampled the Shock Top at GABF, but I don't really remember what it tasted like. In 2006 AB had some interested beers out (a cherry stout, a chocolate stout, some kind of bock I can't remember that wasn't amber) but this past year their booth was fairly boring.

    The keg was a sixth of Rock Bottom's Sugar Creek Pale. It actually wasn't too bad after thawing. It was one of those wide-eyed "oh shit" moments when we first saw it.

  7. I wish I could edit my comments to correct grammar. :)