31 January 2008

DarkLord Day Rumors - Part II

Back in November of last year I gathered together some DarkLord Day hearsay and rumblings and put together this post, which passed those rumors on to you.

That post was entirely incorrect - both the date and location are different.

After digging around, here are the details I now feel safe reporting.

According to the Dark Lord Day 2008 event page on BeerAdvocate.com:
DarkLord Day 2008 Saturday April 26th 11Am-10:30pm

DarkLord Day 2008 is the only day of the year to buy Three Floyds DarkLord Russian Imperial stout.DLD is a festival where participants can meet other beer enthusiasts, sample beers from all over ,buy DarkLord, try Oak Aged Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout ,eat BBQ, Listen to live music.

Darklord Day 2008 will be greatly improved to accommodate larger crowds, including expanded parking, more porta johns, shorter lines and more food choices.
Furthermore, Floydicus himself reports these details in the BeerAdvocate forums:
DarkLord Day:
Usually there is a 6 bottle limit per person
Bottles are $15 a bottle
2008 DarkLord Day begins at 11am-10pm
20,000Sq Ft of added space this year
Live Bands
Beer from all over the world
Many Porta Johns
expanded parking
Faster Lines
We will have more available than last year
Although we previously reported rumor of the event happing at the Hammond Civic Center, those rumors are incorrect. The event is being held at Three Floyds Brewery.

More from Floydicus:
20,000sq.Ft extra is we will be using the whole other half of the building.And there will be ALL kinds of music this year,youll be suprised by the lineup Cheers
Hoosier Beer Geek plans to be in attendence this year, so if you can't make it to Munster, you can read about it here.


  1. Wait just a minute here... did I read that correctly? There will be more porta johns this year! Boy how I wish I could go. Keep in mind that it is inordinately difficult to type with my tongue so firmly embedded in my cheek, so I'll have to keep this short

    Sounds like a great day... looking forward to reading about it.

    Bryan of the North

  2. I am super excited about this event now. How much does it cost? Is this like a beer tasting event or what. Basically how does it work? Also how far away is that, cause I imagine I will need a hotel or a very nice DD to take me home afterwards!!!

  3. Basically the event is how it reads - Thousands of people show up to buy DarkLord, trade beer, and just drink. 3 Floyd's Brewpub is supposed to have all the other breweries beers on tap, and all the other stuff listed in the post above.

    How it works is a bunch of people who like beer show up, trade beer if that's their thing, share beer if that's their thing, and get in line at 11 to buy DarkLord at $15 CASH ONLY per 22 oz. bottle (with a limit of 6 bottles, usually).

    Munster is 162 miles from the downtown Indianapolis circle, so if you plan to drink to excess, please find a designated driver or a hotel room.