27 February 2008

Beer Diary #2 - Jason

My love affair with hops continues. Two beers recently (and happily) consumed.

Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA:
This was a bottle gifted to be by Matt at our Stout and Porter gathering. I had been interested in trying this since the New York times said it was their second favorite "Extreme Beer", with Dogfish Head's 90 Minute being their favorite. When in stock, the Double Simcoe can be found at Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati.

It is an enjoyable and unique beer. The exclusive use of Simcoe hops gives it just a bit of a different hop flavor. Simcoe's are meant to provide the nose and flavor without as much harshness. It allows Weyerbacher to use a lot of it without providing other flavorings to mask the unpleasantness that can come from hops. So you get the pine and citrus and a certain amount of smoothness. It is simple in design, and very successful.

I still would rate 90 Minute, Hopslam, and Racer 5 above this beer. But if it becomes available in Indiana, it would likely be put into a regular rotation, as they brew it year round.

Rock Bottom Downtown's Fast Freddie IPA:
It had been a while since I had been to Rock Bottom, just because I haven't had the time. But they recently put a bonus ten bucks on my Mug Club Card, and it had to be used by March 2. So I found the time.

IPA's can be a tricky thing to produce successfully. If not done right, they tend to be harsh. Fast Freddie is alright in my book. It has a nice balance between the bitterness and the fruit aroma. It has been on tap since 1/18, so it is nothing new. But it also may not last long, so I'd suggest stopping in soon.


  1. Jerry at the Downtown Rock Bottom is a big fan of Simcoe hops (or at least he uses them a lot). Would you say there were any dominant similarities between the Double Simcoe and Fast Freddy's (or perhaps the Sugar Creek)?

  2. I think Fast Freddy's is the IPA they served at the last brewer's dinner (is that right, rodney?). Very tasty stuff, indeed.

  3. Rodney...there are definitely some similarities between the Double Simcoe and Fast Freddy's. I'd say that Fast Freddy's is lighter on the hops than Double Simcoe. Sugar Creek, not so much similarities.