26 February 2008

Jolly Chocolate Farmhouse Babes caught on CAMRA

Now that I've got your attention, here's the news roundup:

If they want to visit, we'd be happy to host - While we're happy with the crowds we've had for our events, we wouldn't object to the company of the 300 women who've taken part in Philidelphia's "In Pursuit of Ale" women's beer club. From the MySpace (warning: music):
Established in June of 2006, In Pursuit of Ale is a collective of women with a range in age as great as their professions and their pallets. They have declared their independence from mass produced swill…and have joined the pursuit of the world’s preferred potables. We meet biweekly, hopping around Philadelphia’s finest watering holes. We like beer a lot. No, we love beer a lot. We run the gradient from geek to gorgeous. We're teachers,writers, scientists, graphic designers, accountants, nannies, servers, auditors, personal trainers, bartenders,salespeople. Your new drinking buddy. Your dream come true.
Sounds just like us. Our Matt is particularly dreamy.

Here's a couple more links to the group (1, 2 - with video, halfway down the page). At Hoosier Beer Geek we do the stalking for you.

It can't be bad! We've still got a bottle in the fridge!
- I have no idea what Gina paid for our bottle of Ommegang's Chocolate Indulgence, but the Fond du Lac Reporter says it was too much:
"The nice rocky head from the pour was a nice teaser, but the first sip assaulted my mouth with an overwhelming metallic taste, like licking aluminum siding. It wasn't subtle and there was no reason to go on."
We'll let you know what we think when we get to it.

If craft beer is like Slow Food then I guess that makes Miller Light the Landshire Sandwich of the beer world - An article at the Vancouver Sun (9 degrees and overcast in Vancouver right now) give the who-what-why behind the Vancouver branch of CAMRA:
Like Slow Food, CAMRA is a social movement, held aloft by sensual pleasure (eating and drinking, primarily). They have regular beer tastings, brewmaster's dinners, beer-pairing dinners, guest speakers with tastings, beer tastings, brewery tours and home brewing seminars. They publish beer guides and restaurant and pub guides.
Furthermore, it makes you a better dancer, does your taxes, and walks your dog - Ron Jeffries really loves what he does - you might be able to tell in this article with the Jolly Pumpkin owner:
"We're making something that makes people happy ... Especially in the craft brewing industry, we create something people really enjoy, that tastes phenomenal, and can really accentuate and benefit your life."
And this brewery - it will be in Indiana? - While browsing Teri Fahrendorf's Road Brewer blog I came across this little nugget:
My amazing five-month odyssey introduced me to all sorts of fabulous and experienced people, some of whom I connected with like crazy. One of those heroes was Jeff Mease, partner at Bloomington Brewing Company in Indiana. I recently made a deal with Jeff, and I am flying to Bloomington for a week at the beginning of March. Click here to read my original blog post from Bloomington.

The plan is for me to consult with Jeff's brewer, Floyd Rosenbaum, to streamline brewery operations, train Floyd on brewpub labwork, and possibly help him set up a root beer production system. In return for my "free" consulting, I will work with Jeff and his staff to learn the "front of the house," which means restaurant, kitchen, and financial issues.

Jeff and his partner Lennie own five pizza delivery businesses, the brewpub, and a commercial kitchen that preps food for the six restaurants. Jeff and Lennie are also in the planning stages for an organic farmhouse brewery and restaurant that Jeff hopes will be as self-sufficient and ecologically sustainable as possible. We've brainstormed lots of ideas toward that goal, which has been excellent fun.
A green brewery in Indiana? Sounds like a fine idea to us.

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