20 February 2008

Indiana Craft Beer & Food Symposium Menu and Details

The conversation that led to the symposium has now led to the menu.

Welcomes you to the First Annual
Craft Beer and Fine Food Symposium

Frank Boon Gueuze
Stinky Fondue | Rabbit Sausage Meatballs

Brugge Black
Chilled Oyster | Oyster Tempura | Black Oyster Stew with Pearls

Czech Pilsner
Loup De Mere | Hot Buttered Popcorn | King Crab Salad

Broad Ripple Brew Pub Ankle Biter Barleywine
Curried Leg of Lamb | Cassis and Cassia Lentils |

Brugge Triple de Ripple
Banana Pot Crème

Chef Neal Brown explains:
A few things of note, this is not your ordinary beer dinner. But as many of you know, we aren't known for ordinary. Because of the context of the discussions on Hoosier Beer Geek about beer being a part of the fine dining experience, I really felt strongly about making this a very progressive, fine dining affair. Thats not to say "stuffy" or "pretentious", but an example of where fine dining is across the globe.

We are at about half capacity for the dinner and I am sure that once Ted sends it out to his list, Braingirl posts it on her Blog, and it goes live on Hoosier Beer Geek it will sell out. We are capping the event at 30 but will have a little flexibility there.

Thanks for your patience. We are really looking forward to this dinner, I have done some snooping around online and have found nothing as unusual as these pairings, so it will be a very unique, thought provoking and delicious experience.

All six of us here at Hoosier Beer Geek plan on attending, so we hope to see you there. Don't worry, we're as intimidated by that menu as you might be. But we were that way with beer once, too.

Reservations can be made at L'Explorateur through this link or by calling (317) 726 6906. Cost is $65 per person (plus tax and tip). Come on out and support those who support expanding the palate - and better beer.


  1. I called and made our reservations last night. Looks good!

  2. I got reservations a couple days ago so we'll be there too. I don't know what half of that stuff is! I even had to look up the gueuze beer style. Can't wait to try it all!

  3. You should be familiar with Gueuze, it's near the beginning of the Brewmaster's Table... ;)

  4. Hehehe, I finally started reading it from the beginning over the weekend. I'm slow, though, so I haven't hit the gueuze section yet!

  5. I'm reading it myself... I read about 2-4 pages a night. Maybe we can compare notes.

  6. I would love to try some of the beers, but unfortunately I know in advance I wouldn't eat 90% of the menu. Hopefully there are some more beer and food pairings with more standard food styles in the future.

  7. If you're looking for a more basic beer and food pairing dinner I would recommend the Brewer's dinners at the downtown and north side Rock Bottoms. They're more creative than their standard menu but not to the level of L'explorateur. Definitely enjoyable.

  8. Ah man generik, thats a bummer to hear. I was hoping we could expand some horizons here. Oh well, maybe next time...

  9. Generik. How ironic. Count me in for the dinner.