14 February 2008

Proposition 3-17

The brilliant people at Guinness have come up with a great little publicity stunt: an online petition to Congress to have St. Patrick's Day recognized as a federal holiday. Their goal is to get a million signatures by St. Patty's Day. Certainly, Congress has more important things to do with their time than to add a federal holiday. But any excuse that this lazy American can find to get out of work and go out drinking is alright by me! If you want to join in the battle for a federally recognized drinking holiday, sign up at their website.


  1. If they've got time to question baseball players about steriods they certainly have time to get me another day off of work!

  2. It's impossible to put your signature on that petition and not make it look like you're signing it drunk. How appropriate!

  3. I was quite fond of my Guinnessignature - so much that I considered taking a screen shot and using it later.

    Of course I wrote my first name with my right hand and then realized that I normally write with my left hand and switched the mouse over to the left...

    I probably put too much thought into that.