24 October 2008

Random Beer Roundup - I'm Happy and I'm Singing and a 1, 2, 3, 4 Edition

I'm sure you've been waiting all week for what sort of witty thing I can come up with to introduce this week's roundup. I don't have anything. And so..

First off, yay! - Congrats to our buddy Mike at StlHops.com, who has sold all the available tickets for his blog's first anniversary party. $15 got you beer and snacks, with the proceeds benefiting Stray Rescue of St. Louis. There's a good idea! Say! We have anniversary parties.. and we regularly steal ideas..

This is nice - Check out beernews.org's beer release calendar for a general idea of when you might start to see new and seasonal beers. Then check Hoosier Beer Geek's random beer roundup to see where you can see those beers on shelves.

In stores, bars, restaurants and brewpubs this week:

From John at Big Red Liquors (Bloomington):
New this week:

Founders Harvest Ale
Founders Curmudgeon
Two bros heavy Handed
Corsendonk Apple White

After the beer fest we usually get a bunch of requests for beers that we did not have access to until the Fest. Stone Levitation was poured for the first time in Indiana. We will get it when it comes in.

I have requests for about 50 new beers so stay tuned. You will see a number of New micros and Belgian beers in the next few weeks.
From Scott at Schlafly:
I just wanted to let you know that a couple of accounts in Indy got their hands on kegs of our Hop Harvest. Hop Harvest in a 6% APA that is Dry-Hopped with wet Simcoe hops that have been flown in overnight from Yakima Valley. The beer is brewed at our Tap Room in downtown Saint Louis, and very limited amounts make their way into the market. In fact, this year only 5 kegs left the brewery, and three of those made it to Indiana.

Rich O's (New Albany, IN) has a keg for their annual Lupulin Land festival (They also have a keg of India Brown Ale for those who know and love that beer).

In Indianapolis, J. Gumbo's has it on right now. Mike tapped it last Friday, so he should have a bit left. He bartends Monday nights. Stop by, say Hi, and have a pint.

Lastly, if you can't make it to J Gumbo's, Pikk's Tavern (Hans from HotShotz' new place of employment, so you know the beer list is top notch) will be putting a keg on in the next few weeks.

So, there are a few chances to try it for those who are interested. Cheers all, and thank you, as always, for your support of Schlafly Beer.
Mike at J. Gumbo's confirms:
J.Gumbo's has scored the only keg of Schlafly Hop Harvest wet hop in Central Indiana. It is hopped with Simcoes and is amazing. We are out of the Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest.
Updates from John at Half Moon (4051 S Lafountain St, Kokomo):
Here's what's happening at Half Moon. The Oktoberfestbier is selling fast. It will probably be gone by this weekend. That will make room for an American IPA created by my Asst. Brewer Bryan Culbertson. He named it Bry-PA after himself. He's quite proud of this one, and it's definitely a delectable treat for all of the hopheads! Goes on tap Thurs., October 30th. O.G.=1070 ABV=7.7% IBU=85 Then, the following Thurs., November 6th, the Oatmeal Stout hits the taps. One of my personal favorites. O.G.=1066 ABV=6.6% IBU=30

Regular Lineup:

Cannon Shot Cream Ale - O.G.=1048 ABV=5.4% IBU=16
Wildcat Wheat - O.G.=1040 ABV=4.5% IBU=13
Stop Light City Red - O.G.=1054 ABV=5.7% IBU=25
Hazelnut Brown - O.G.=1056 ABV=5.7% IBU=25
Elwood's IPA - O.G.=1062 ABV=6.7% IBU=60
Cole Porter - O.G.=1066 ABV=7.0% IBU=30

John Templet
Head Brewer
Half Moon Restaurant & Brewery
This just in from Martin at Chumley's:
Here are some of the cool beers currently on tap:

Founders Harvest Ale while supplies last

Coming soon:
Victory Hopwallop
He'brew Jewbelation 12 Anniversary Ale
Two Brothers Heavy Handed
Great Divide Hibernation Ale

We're having a Bells party Thursday Oct 30th 7-10pm - Cool giveaways and costume contest, and beer flights of Double Cream Stout, Java Stout, Expedition Stout, Hell Hath No Fury Ale

Also we're having an Election Night special Goose Island party with Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

Thursday Nov 6, 7-10pm
Sierra Party with cool prizes and mirror giveaway
Sierra Nevada Chico Estates
Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

New Bottles:
Founders Old Curmeggon
and Heavy Seas Winter Storm
Our man on the scene Chris with some updates:
1. My brother took a tour of Michigan & Northern Indiana breweries last weekend: Bell's, Founders, Dark Horse, The Livery and Three Floyds. Lucky bastard. As previously reported, Founders isn't mass producing Devil Dancer this year because they think it's an irresponsible use of hops. However, they brewed one new keg for their restaurant and it went on tap the week before he was there. It went on tap 10/10, was gone by 10/15 and my brother was in on the 18th. BOO!

2. Bell's will be making Hopslam this year. Coming out in January. Yeah for irresponsibility!

3. I saw the new Barley Island Beastie Barrel Stout 4-pack at Alabama Liquor yesterday. 4x12oz for $10.50-ish. It'll probably be $11 or 12 at most places. (confirmed: Kahn's says $11.99 on their website)


  1. i had the bry-ipa straight out of the fermenter at half moon last weekend and it was excellent for warm, flat beer. very citrusy and easy to drink. i tried about 4-5 of their offerings and they were all rock solid. definitely stop by half moon if you're traveling through kokomo.

  2. WOW, that craft beer release schedule on beernews.org is awesome.

    They think I'm wrong about Batch 9000 -- they have it down for a January release -- though they do confirm the January release of Hopslam.