07 October 2008

Beer Springs Eternal - GABF Trip 08

After leaving Hays, Kansas and heading into eastern Colorado, we made a 58 mile out-of-our-way wrong turn. If our wrong-way course hadn't crossed paths with a sign labeled Colorado Springs (turn right), you might now be reading about our visit to the western tip of Oklahoma.

Our course corrected, we arrived in Colorado Springs in need of beer. Our first stop was The Warehouse Restaurant. You'll notice from the photo that the building says "Restaurant Brewery Gallery"; We were told that they had stopped brewing some time ago. Nevertheless we settled down at the bar and each tried a combo of soup and beer.

The Warehouse really seemed more wine bar than beer bar, but they still had a nice selection of beers from Colorado Springs' own Bristol Brewing Company to chose from. After looking at the tap handles for choices, I recognized the Mass Transit Ale label and picked it. Gina went with the Red Rocket Pale Ale, and we each ordered a soup.

The Mass Transit: A clear copper brew with a fruity nose that first reminded me of Runts candies. As I got deeper into the beer I picked up hints of grassy malt, and as the pint emptied big flavors of apple and apricot came through. A nice beer worth revisiting.

Gina's Red Rocket Pale Ale had a hoppy/candy nose (similar to what I picked up from the Mass Transit), had a hint of soap yet was easy to drink, and finished watery but smooth and agreeable.

Despite the disappointment of finding out that The Warehouse no longer brewed their own, the local beer hit the spot and was a nice intro to drinking in Colorado. After spending the evening in Colorado Springs we set our course for a scenic loop of Pikes Peak, Leadville, and eventually Dillon/Silverthorne, where we'll be drinking in our next update.


  1. Short trip through CS. Next time hit up Bristol or Phantom. Not many breweries here but if thats your mission is to check out local breweries....then.....don't ya think.....ya missed out? :) Hope you enjoy your trip!

  2. Kari - thanks for the advice for next time. We actually did hit Phantom after the Warehouse, but I didn't have a camera or paper with me so it didn't make the site.

    To be honest, we've hit so many breweries on this trip, I'm in danger of burnout.

    Tough life, I know..