08 October 2008

Head for the Mountains of Oskar Blues - GABF Trip 08

We spent the early half of Monday driving through Rocky Mountain National Park in search of "The Mountains of Busch™", and found plenty of mountain views worthy of any ad campaign. But when we came out the other side of the park, instead of corporate beer monoliths, we found comfortable and unassuming Oskar Blues in Lyons, Co.

The beer is no longer brewed at the Lyons Grill and Brew, and in the case of the Ten Fidy Stout we were craving, it sounds like it may be a while before it's brewed again. Despite the initial disappointment of not finding what we were really after, our server's friendly and welcoming attitude quickly made up for it. We ordered an Old Chub Scottish Style Ale (reviewed KOTBR #45) and a Leroy (Brown) and settled in for a couple hours of local atmosphere, great food, and a beer surprise.

The unassuming nature of the place is what makes it so great. Despite rave reviews of their beers in media as big as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, this could be your local. In fact, it is a local for some Lyons residents, and despite the availability of amazing homegrown beer, Oskar Blues has Budweiser on tap to keep some of the regulars happy.

But we hadn't driven all that way for Bud. We noticed shortly after we arrived that a tap was being changed out - they had put on a beer they've titled "Whiskey D*ck" (our server noted "I work for seventh graders. And it's pretty great") - their Dale's Pale Ale aged in whiskey barrels. This was a special brew for the GABF crowd, and I suspect it won't be long before rave reviews start pouring in on sites like Beer Advocate.

Our palates appeased, we settled our tab and then walked over to the merch counter where Gina spent a bunch more money grabbing a shirt and cans of everything available. If we can sit on them long enough (and canned beer should last quite a while) they'll be perfect for an drinking at IMS next season. I suspect they won't last that long, though.

Next up: A stop in Longmont at Left Hand on our way to Fort Collins.

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  1. Hey Hoosiers! Welcome to Colorado! If you happen to be at the GABF on Thursday night, stop by the Mid Atlantic region Island "C". I'll be pouring beers in that section Thursday night. Would love to say hello and pour you a brew. I'll be wearing a Colorado Rockies hat.