21 October 2008


When a brewery discontinues a product that you're in love with, the best you can do is hoard whatever is left on your local liquor store's shelves and cellar it, hoping that the drink you're in love with ages well.

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, the time for Zima fans to hoard and cellar is now:
MillerCoors LLC announced Monday that it will discontinue the clear malt beverage Zima, introduced by Coors Brewing Co. in 1992, because of "challenging malternative segment sales and declining consumer interest."
I hear that the pineapple citrus ages best.

* * * * *

Who knew that Zima has three varieties now? I almost feel like I should go try them all before it's too late.


  1. If Fresca was a beer, it would be Zima. But Fresca isn't a beer, nor is Zima. Therefore, I give a crap not. But thanks for the great news that MillerCoors is having financial problems. There is a God after all.

  2. I don't really think that indicates MillerCoors is having financial problems. The days of the 'alcopops' are apparently coming to an end and MillerCoors is just getting rid of dead weight. I have mixed feelings about the death of Zima. I remember how big a splash it made when I was just a freshman in college and everyone wanted to try it. Back then I actually liked it and as of just a few years ago I would buy a 22oz bottle a couple times a summer just for a change of pace.. or for 'zomething different'. Unfortunately they branched off with multiple alternate flavors and the original appeared to go away, and so did I. Definitely not a huge loss, but all said I have some fond memories from many years ago partying with Zima in the house.

  3. I didn't really think Zima fit the whole craft beer thing, but I thought it was worth noting that it was going away. I think Zima has always served as a nice punching bag for beer fans, anyway.

  4. Up next: death watch for Chelada...

  5. That'll call for twice as many O's in the Noooooo!!

  6. 'Chelada death watch' had me lol