09 October 2008

On the Left Hand - GABF Trip 08

After a wonderful visit to Oskar Blues, we headed over to Longmont and the Left Hand Brewing Company tasting room. Upon entering, we were met with an overwhelming and quite lovely orange aroma. We didn't think too much about it and both ordered a Milk Stout. This is a beer that we've enjoyed since we first started drinking better beer so it seemed like a natural choice.

We sat down at a table near the bar and enjoyed the creamy brew. As the bar cleared a bit, we moved over to it and noticed there were a few folks at the other end with a load of oranges. We asked the bartender what they were doing and learned that they were zesting oranges for use in this year's Snowbound Ale. I asked if we could help and were quickly put to work. We also found out that as long as you are helping zest oranges, your beer was free. Mike zested two oranges before he gouged his knuckle and decided that he's better off just drinking.

Before heading out, I ordered the cask version of their Black Jack Porter, an English Style beer that is full-bodied and malty. I finished it up along with the remaining oranges in my bag and picked up a few souvenirs before heading to the hotel. We need to rest up for our next beer adventure, New Belgium and Fort Collins Breweries.

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