02 March 2011

Unmark and Remark Your Calendars for the Third Annual Craft Beer Meal That Comes Before Lunch

You may have noticed earlier that we had a date set for our third annual CBMTCBL at Brugge Brasserie. Forget that date (and sorry).

The new date for CBMTCBL3 at Brugge Brasserie is Saturday, April 2nd.

This year's theme is gettin' straight folded (I have no idea what that means) on the sizzurp syrup.

Everything after this is line subject to change.

We've also got a few more details that we're sure to change later.


First off, Goose the Market has committed to doing a cheese and beer amuse bouche, so that our non-Hoosier Beer Geek Beer and Cheese Club guests can see what they're missing. This might also help hold you over while the kitchen is working on putting together 50 meals at once.

Menu (Choose one)

1) Crepe stuffed with sweet potato hash, caramelized onions and goat cheese and sauce

2) German breakfast board: Variety of cured meats, cheeses, bread, fresh fruit, yogurt, jams/jellies, what have you

3) Mystery option (Still figuring this one out)

Syrup-related beers

(As chosen by our syrup beer expert panel. These are just ideas at this point and the list will be paired down, but in this rare behind-the-scenes look at CBMTCBL, we'll give you a peek at what we're thinking.)

Brugge Berliner Weisse + syrups (No idea if finding syrups is actually possible)
Lafayette BC Agave Syrup Wheatwine (Probable)
New Albanian Old Lightning Rod (Made with molasses. Probable)

Regular but nevertheless wonderful CBMTCBL (non-syrup) style beers

Brugge Coffee Black (Perhaps)
Something from Sun King (Yeah, that's completely up in the air)

Things that fit theme but who knows if we'll have them

Founders Breakfast Stout (Subject to availability)
Bruery Autumn Maple (Probably not)
Dogfish Immort Ale (Probably not. But it's a syrup beer)
Tyranena Brewer's Gone Wild something (Rod's suggestion)
Ayinger Ur-Weisse (Syrup)
New Albanian Beak's Best (Because it's a favorite of many of us)
Great Crescent Coconut Porter (Um... Coconut)
Anything you can think of that makes sense (Feel free to leave suggestions that fit theme)

So there you have it - a complete mess of a plan that we'll figure out as we get closer to the date. You can wait and see or... well, if you do that, it'll probably sell out and then you'll be out of luck.

Once again - all details are subject to change completely.

Tickets! Yes! Tickets will be on sale at Brugge Brasserie starting this Saturday, March 5th (and no earlier) and are limited*.

By limited I mean that they will sell out and that if you don't have one, you won't get in. I know it's completely ridiculous to explain what limited tickets mean, but you'd be surprised at some of the emails we got after Winterfest sold out.

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