06 March 2011

HBG's Craft Beer Meal That Comes Before Lunch is SOLD OUT

Tickets for CBMTCBL3 went on sale Saturday at 11am, and were sold out by 4pm. As HBG's resident freak-out artist, I'll admit I'm surprised and extremely glad tickets went this fast.

For those of you who bought, thank you! For those of you who were hoping to still buy, I'm sorry to say there won't be any more tickets. We encourage you to keep an eye out for Tailgate for Nothing 4, which has a penciled in date of May 7th.

Thanks everyone!
Mike (and Jason and Jim and Gina and Rod and Jess and Matt and Chris)


  1. Impressive and sad all at once. I was going to head down to Brugge this afternoon to pick up a couple tickets. Put me on the wait list for the next one!

  2. Wow - so glad that we got to Brugge for lunch that day to pick up our tickets. I wouldn't want to miss this!