31 March 2011

Big League Brew

What sport goes better with beer than baseball? It’s like peanut butter and chocolate. We had baseball. We had beer. But both became infinitely better when they were put together. Here’s a quick look at craft beer at five area ballparks:

Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO
It pains me, as a Cubs fan, to say that not only were the St. Louis Cardinals quick to respond, but they also carry a greater selection than Wrigley Field (more on that below). I would expect a team that has a ballpark named for a shit beer like Busch to have nothing but shitty beers. Wrong. First up: Schlafly, the big microbrewery in town. On draft, you can find Pale Ale and Kolsch. Also from St. Louis: O’fallon, whose Wheach (peach wheat beer) can be found in bottles. Boulevard Brewing from Kansas City is on draft along with Sam Adams Seasonal and Goose Island Honkers Ale (you can say it isn’t a craft beer, but I still think it is worth noting).

Comerica Field, Detroit, MI
Fermentation Nation did a nice look at beers available while watching the Tigers. But here are the highlights: Atwater Block on draft; Atwater Block, Bell’s, and Sierra Nevada in bottles; and a rotation Sam Adams and Goose Island beers.

Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati, OH
The Krauts in Cincy love their Reds fans. And they love their German beer. So you will find several stands with imported brews. If you have premium tickets (behind home plate), you will have access to the “Scouts Alley” bar. They serve a variety of craft beers. When I went last year, they had beers from Great Lakes Brewing Company and 21st Amendment Brewery.

U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago
The White Sox didn’t respond to or acknowledge my requests for information. But God bless the internet. The Beer Leaguer had better luck. In a conference call with White Sox personnel, he discovered that Goose Island will still be available on draft and that the “Beers of the World” stands will be replaced by craft beer stands, though they didn’t say which craft beers will be available.

Wrigley Field, Chicago
Dammit Cubbies. I know that Budweiser and Old Style are the dominate beers, but couldn’t you carry just a couple of craft beers? How hard would it be to carry a Goose Island 312? There is a brewpub just a few blocks away. But no, you inform me that the local beers you carry include Old Style, Old Style Light, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. I almost wish that they didn’t reply.


  1. Crap team, crap beer... why are you a Cubs fan again? You even grew up closer to Cincinnati.

  2. Sun King @ Victory Field...may be triple A but still a baseball stadium!

  3. Don't worry Erin, we have minor league baseball coverage coming up next week!

    Hey Mike, why are you a douchebag?

  4. You answer my question first.

  5. Dammit Mike took my insult!
    Maybe Bell's can brew Wrigley a special batch and call it "Broken Hearted".
    Or if the boys over at Sun King were to ever screw up a batch by under "pitching", it would have a home at Wrigley.

  6. I'll be at Wrigley Saturday and make sure and urinate in a Goose Island bottle (after consumption) and drink it side by side with a Budweiser and see which is better. In the bleacher behind center, they actually do have a small craft area...but .yea it's mostly Old Style.

  7. They are now pouring Metropolitan's Krankshaft and Two Brothers' Domaine DuPage at Wrigley.

  8. John and Eric, I hope you are right. I'd like to see great beer at the greatest ballpark. But when I asked the Cubs, the email they sent said: Old Style, Old Style Light, and PBR. What a crock...

  9. Oh and Mike...

    You were born first, so you have to go first.

  10. Sadly....Great American Ballpark has given in to AB pressure and removed the behind home plate craft beer locations and have removed ANY craft draft locations. There is one bar with bottles located in a very remote area. Sad Sad Sad....Shocktop crap everywhere....

  11. Founders tweeted on 03/28 that they would have Centennial at GABP and Reds Rye at US Cellular Field.