29 March 2011

CBMTCBL3: Final Details

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets for our 3rd Annual Craft Beer Meal That Comes Before Lunch, which sold out in just five hours. For those of you lucky enough to acquire a ticket, here are the final details on what to expect.

Food (Choose 1):

1) Crepe stuffed with sweet potato hash, caramelized onions and goat cheese and sauce
2) German breakfast board: Variety of cured meats, cheeses, bread, fresh fruit, yogurt, jams/jellies, what have you
3) Steak and Eggs

Beer Courses (Drink all):

1) Dogfish My Antonia (a continually hopped pilsener)
2) Brugge Black Coffee (a coffee infused belgian black)
3) Brugge Woodruff Kitty (a soury whatever)
4) Sun King Baconator 2 (a bacon/chocolate infused dopplebock - not vegetarian friendly)
5) NABC Old Lightning Rod (Old Ale/Scotch Ale)
6) Lafayette Brewing Agave Wheatwine
7) Schlafly Raspberry Coffee Stout

Additional Entertainment (Probably):

1) A cheese selection/pairing from Goose the Market (to go with one of the beers above)
2) Poetry from Matt Robinson, Hoosier Beer Geek Poet Laureate
3) Trophy Presentation

See you Saturday.

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