19 April 2010

Hoosier Beer Geek's Springtime Tournament of Beer Champions: Final Results

We had a hoptastic finale for the final round of our Springtime Tournament of Beer Champions, featuring Three Floyd's Dreadnaught vs New Albanian's Hoptimus. The votes rolled in, and Hoptimus gained a (perhaps surprising, but definitely worthy) lead over the favorite.

And then the voting closed, and everything seemed to flip.

We had more than one person note that Hoptimus held the lead up until the final announcement, at which point Dreadnaught was awarded the title. Because this was our first go-around with Bracketeers, we decided to investigate. Here's what they said:
Hi Mike,

We've taken a look at your bracket:

The final vote counts were:
New Albanian Hoptimus: 104 votes
Three Floyds Dreadnaught: 213 votes

By date, the votes were cast for the Hoptimus as:
April 12, 77 votes
April 13, 9 votes
April 14, 18 votes

By date, the votes were cast for the Dreadnaught as:
April 12, 162 votes
April 13, 39 votes
April 14, 9 votes
April 15, 3 votes

So, insofar as we can tell, there was never any point, past the first few hours of voting, when the Hoptimus should have been coming in first. The main site appears to be correctly reporting votes, but you have been using our embed script, and we are unable to test that on your site.

Anyone that was paying attention can confirm that this is exactly the opposite of what we saw. To everyone watching it looked as if Hoptimus won this thing. On the other hand, we're more than happy to award both beers. So we gathered our crack team of knights and came up with what we think is the ideal solution.

The winner of the first and final Hoosier Beer Geek Annual Springtime Tournament of Beer Champions:

Three Albanian Hoptinaught


  1. Very diplomatic. I watched three NABC employees vote for Hoptimus on the 15th from an iPhone, and two different notebooks. I have no problem being bested by the likes of Dreadnaught or any other beer, but this is fishy at best.

  2. I fully expect this beer to become real. Three Floyds' New Albanian collaboration: Three Albanian Hoptinaught. Has a nice ring to it.

  3. I bet we could do that. I'll submit your request to the Director of Collaborations.

  4. Also if it could be bottled and the label include an HBG logo that would be great. Oh and release it for sale at Dark Lord Day 2011.

  5. I'm ok with just the beer.