15 April 2010

Changes for the 2010 Indiana Microbrewer's Festival

If you read this blog you're probably already familiar with the Indiana Microbrewer's Festival. It takes place every summer at Opti Park in Broad Ripple and is the biggest beer festival our state has to offer. In recent years it has also been really packed due to sell out crowds and limited space. This year, there are a few changes to help with this.

Festival Improvements
  • Expanded on to the Indianapolis Art Center grounds - almost twice as large
  • Two entrances, one north and one south
VIP Tickets
  • $50 and on sale now
  • One hour early admission to the festival
  • VIP tasting glass
  • Separate VIP entrance
  • Limited to 500 tickets
Regular Tickets
  • $35 and on sale May 17
  • Two available entrances, Opti Park and Art Center
  • Purchase Online or at Indiana Breweries or Crown Liquors
  • Advance purchase only - WILL BE SOLD OUT THE DAY OF
Designated Driver Tickets
  • $10 and on sale May 17
  • Available for day-of sale
  • Art Center entrance
The admission has been increased to 5000 people this year, up from 4200 last year. It would appear that despite this increase, the large increase in festival space will create a much less crowded festival overall. We're working on pulling in additional breweries for the summer festival to make it the largest yet in every aspect. Hopefully the additional hour of drinking that is available with the VIP ticket will help the die-hard beer lovers to try their most desired beers with little or no lines before the masses move in at 3PM.

Speaking of those VIP tickets, they are available for sale here.


  1. Now that's what I'm talking about. Looks like I'll have to attend this year!

  2. What's the difference between the VIP tasting glass and the standard? I got in an hour early last year and I must say it was nice to be able to walk around the grounds and talk to some of the brewers before the madness started. Looking forward to more space this year! That's great news indeed!

  3. Tasting glass: bigger = better.

  4. Still 1 oz pours for VIPs though. We'll share some pictures of the glasses when have them.

  5. will the brewers know about this VIP thing and have some of their "special" beers pouring early?

  6. By now the brewers should be aware that the festival will be opening an hour earlier for VIPs. I wouldn't be surprised to see some special things tapped for VIPs, though nobody's required to do anything. We'll know more about that as the festival date approaches.