15 March 2009

Thanks, Everybody

The First Ever Hoosier Beer Geek Breakfast was a blast. Thanks to everyone that came out. Because of what seemed to be a very happy and enthusiastic crowd, we'll be doing this again.

Your pictures and notes will be up on the site later this week. Thanks again.


  1. I see me in the pictures. :)

    Had a blast. Do it again soon.

  2. The Breakfast was fantastic. First off, the food was a perfect pairing and the Brugge staff was friendly. My eggs slid off my plate and transferred to Patrick's without breaking. HA! Second, the selection of beers was actually a surprise. We were so happy to try to the New Glarus Coffee Stout and the Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast (not the poopy beer, I didn't try it). So thank you for pulling out the stops and sharing those great picks with us.

    My only suggestion would be that for the next meal/beer session, you make a list beforehand of the beers and a description. Patrick spent most of the breakfast on his iPhone looking up extra info about the beer and didn't talk much to anyone else.

    There's my real comment - I've been busy today!

  3. Very good idea.. next time, a printed beer guide to accompany the selections.