01 March 2009

New Beer Sunday

This week I've got a beer from a wonderful Brewpub just across the state border in Illinois. I've been to Flossmoor Station on several occasions and it is a nice brewpub with good food and great beer. Several beer geeks went up last year and wrote up a review of a trip that will hit both Three Floyd's and Flossmoor Station. There has been a shakeup at Flossmoor the last few months and head brewer Matt is leaving Flossmoor for Oakshire Brewing in Oregon. Matt is known for his delicious IPA's and this beer is a play on that name. I wish him well, and I've enjoyed just about every beer that I've had from Flossmoor Station.

Beer: Ore-Gone IPA
Brewer: Flossmoor Station
Beer Style: IPA
Price: around 10 bucks
Availability: Limited/Brewed Once, but according to the beer boards still available at the brewpub

Appearance: This beer pours a cloudy golden color with a fingers worth of bone white head that left great lacing for the entire beer.
Smell: I could smell this beer as I poured it and I am greeted with a nose full of hops that ranged from grapefruit, orange peel, and sticky pine. The bready malt is very apparent as well and supports the hops beautifully.
Taste: A continuation of the smell with the citrus and pine flavors very bold upon first sip, but the malt comes in about halfway complimenting the hops and giving the beer a nice complexity that I think many IPA's are missing, and is much more than just hops in your face, but rather a well balanced and well crafted IPA.
Mouthfeel: My only complaint here is that the beer could have benefited from a bit more carbonation I think, but it was medium bodied and rather sticky in the mouth.
Drinkability: If you are an IPA fan this beer if for you, and I would love to be able to drink this with regularity.

Overall: This is another great beer from Flossmoor Station. This beer had some of the attributes of a West coast IPA, but was still very balanced with plenty of bitterness. I wish Matt the very best in his new endeavors in Oregon, and look forward to more great beer coming out of Flossmoor.

Other IPA's worth your time: Bell's Two-Hearted Ale, Stone IPA, Three Floyd's Alpha King, Founder's Centennial IPA, Victory's Hop Devil, and DogFish Head 60 Minute IPA are all available here in Indiana.



  1. I was at the tapping party for this beer and this beer has the carbonation from the tap that the bottle didn't. I still love it either way, but I know what you mean about the minimal carb.

    I don't know how often I will go back to the brewery though. I am a little upset the assistant brewer didn't get the head job and they brought someone else in. If he brews good beer though I will drink it. Matt and Andrew are awesome people, and now they are both gone.

  2. People change jobs and people move on. Hopefully the new brewer will have the same love of beer and passion for sharing it with people. I will give them a chance until they give me a reason not to.

  3. We've got a bottle of this sitting in the fridge. We've always been happy with their IPA offerings and it's good to see this will follow suit.

    Flossmoor is literally 10 miles over the state line and is definitely worth a visit for anyone in the area or heading to Chicago or the Region.