03 March 2009

HBG Craft Beer Breakfast SOLD OUT

So after 12 days of availability, we've sold out our first Hoosier Beer Geek Craft Beer Breakfast. I'd like to say thanks to those of you who bought tickets, and also let you know that they'll be a few pleasant surprises in the mix. Because with HBG, there are usually surprises.

We want to continue to put on events like this, and the overwhelming support for this breakfast is proof that we're on the right track.

So thanks! We'll see you there!


  1. I'd also like to thank myself.

  2. I am so looking forward to this. I just have to watch my intake that day. Getting to watch Rooney and Berbatov play while drinking awesome beer and eating Brugge food is going to be fantastic.

    Also, thank you Mike.

  3. You can watch Rooney and Berbatov play this weekend at my house when they lose to Fulham in the FA Cup.

    Or maybe I'll go watch at Brugge..

  4. Matt, you do know that anyone supporting Man U will get short pours, even if said person is a member of the KOTBR.

  5. I guess I will need more pours!

  6. I saw my mate the other day,
    He said to me he saw the white Pele,
    So I asked, who is he?
    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney,
    Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney,
    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney!!!!

    I will be chanting this all morning just so you know.

    United! United! United! United!

    I honestly won't be to annoying, just some friendly banter.

  7. Wayne Rooney = Mr. Potatohead.

    Sorry. I'm just bitter that my team has yet again pissed away the Premiership title.

  8. Are you a Liverpool fan Jim?

    At least you are not a Stoke or West Bromwich fan are you Jim? I wish more sports used the relegation concept. I just love it.

  9. Yes -- have supported the Reds since '97, when Brad Friedel was their keeper.