03 February 2009

HBG Craft Beer Breakfast - The Inquiry

You're probably aware that we're putting on a little breakfast shindig on March 14th, 10 AM, at Brugge Brasserie. You might wonder what our plans are exactly. As of right now, we're thinking a regular (steak and eggs, maybe?) breakfast with a sampling (four ounce pours, maybe?) of breakfast-able beers - probably coffee stouts and the like. For the footy fans, we'll have Manchester United versus Liverpool that morning, so you've got even less excuse to stay home. All this at a reasonable price - at least comparable to what you'd normally spend for beer and food at Brugge.

What we'd really appreciate right now from our readers is any suggestions you might have - suggested beer.. anything's fair game - as well as a vote in the attendance poll in the right column. We're trying to figure out demand, so your vote is very important.

This should be a pretty cool little event and your suggestions are appreciated.



  1. chocolate peanut butter pancakes + a good porter = awesome!

  2. I suggest you have it on another day... On the 14th, myself (and several other local beer enthusiasts) will be in Michigan picking up large amounts of Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout!!!


  3. Yep, KBS release is problem with the date

  4. Scotch Eggs & Black!

  5. Crepes, steak & eggs, frites - all sound great. We had some Bells Expedition Stout on draft at Spencers recently and it was awesome. Much better than we ever remembered.

  6. hey!!! check out the book, "what to drink with what you eat" all spirits, water, and beers, wines alike are mentioned...knowing beer profiles you can match specialty homebrews or small batch better with food!!!
    Oysters on the halfshell, all the garnishes and a medium body porter is wonderfulto start a day! Chocolate stouts with Maple Ricotta Pancakes topped with bananas....Seafood crepes with a cream/herb sauce with a fresh small patch Pislner...oh the options are endless!!!! how exciting, wish i were closer!