15 February 2009

Let's Support Beer Champions

Once upon a time, Indianapolis had a Buffalo Wild Wings unlike any other. Thirsty travelers knew that upon arrival, 30+ taps of craft beer awaited them. One day that Buffalo Wild Wings went away, and in its place stood a new and apparently less desirable restaurant. Still - thirsty travelers knew that 30+ taps of craft beer awaited them. A year or so passed, and then the new restaurant went away and took its 30+ taps with it. Forever.

Well, in case you haven't heard, Buffalo Wild Wings (7 East Washington / (317) 951-9464 / no smoking) is back in downtown Indianapolis. This time around it's in a new building - which people LOVE - and you won't find 30+ craft taps, but you will find at least 10 - and a beer buyer who's pushing for more.

Meet Sam. Sam is a beer geek, just like you and me. And Sam knows that in order to convince his bosses that bigger and better beers are a good idea, he's got to show them that they sell. Are the 10 taps in danger? Probably not. But Sam wants to do more. He wants to have rarer beers on - beers like Three Floyds Behemoth Barleywine, for example.

So this coming Thursday, at 7PM, you'll find Sam behind the bar, tapping a 1/6 barrel of one of Three Floyds' biggest. 12 ounce pours will be priced at $8.50, and when it's gone, it's really gone. Think of it as a trial run - Does it make sense to have on a barleywine at a BW3s? Do we support those who aim to please us? Will you answer the call?

Along with Behemoth, Sam will have on tap: Dogfish 90 Minute IPA1, Three Floyds Robert the Bruce and Gumballhead, Brugge Tripel, Bell's Amber, and a few other beers you're familiar with. And since many of you are probably already attending the Fire Chief tapping at Rock Bottom, you have no excuse.

See you there?

* * * * *

1You might remember this one too.


  1. I already made plans to hit this up last night. We are hitting Rock Bottom AND B-Dubs. I'm super excited about this Behemoth.

    I'll see if I can meet the Urbanophile will I'm there...

  2. I was there a few weeks ago and enjoyed some Boneless wings and pints of HOPSLAM and BROOKLYN BLACK CHOCOLATE STOUT.

    Very awesome considering the last dozen or so times I went to a BW3's I always ordered a Cherry Coke.

    Going to try to make it later this week for some Behemoth. Old Towne Alehouse also will have it on tap soon.

  3. Couple of new developments. The 90 Minute will be on after Behemoth. Also, we will have Bells Exhibition Stout on draft. Should be tasty. Hope to see everyone here.