25 February 2009

Looking for Reader Suggestions

In case you hadn't noticed, it's been a while since we took our Knights of the Beer Roundtable show somewhere new. In fact, our last on-location review of somewhere new to us ran way back on October 30th. Since then, it's been a steady stream of drinking at each other's houses, with a couple of bar revisits thrown in.

The problem, it seems, is that we've grown lazy. Or we just stopped looking for places to drink. And that really is a problem - one we need to remedy as soon as possible. We're looking for new places to drink and review - there are plenty of places in the immediate Indianapolis area we've missed, forgotten, or never knew about. It's time to show them some attention.

So if you have a local, a secret spot, or just want to join us for a drink, drop us a comment. Our standards are still the same - we're not looking to drink macrobrewed swill - but we know that there are bars out there, waiting for a little attention. We'd love to hear about them, and maybe join some of you for a drink in the process. Drop us a line.


  1. Well, I don't know if you have ever been there but the Dorman Street Saloon (or whatever moniker it is going by now) is a pleasant little dive tucked into the Cottage Home neighborhood (just east of 65/70 between 10th and Michigan). It doesn't have any taps or a real kitchen but it does have a pretty tasty little list of imports and microbrews along with a standing promise from the barkeep Andy that "If you don't see something you like just tell me and we can order it as long as you promise to comeback and drink it at some point." The place has one pool table, real darts, and a good old school jukebox that plays CDs. If you're interested here is a link: http://www.dormanstreet.com/ Given my own proclivity for dive bars and the few blocks I have to walk to get there from my house, I love this place.

  2. I'd join in at The Old Town Ale House in Fishers. They don't brew their own, but I know that they've got some unique food, and I'd like to challenge their culinary skills and beer pairing. http://theoldtownalehouse.com/Home_Page.php

    Also, this is a bit odd-ball, but I'd like to see Trader Joe's private label brews reviewed. I've never tried them but to me it's a whole segment that is a great idea for a store like that, but are they good????

  3. I've been to Fireside in Greenwood once, but it was great and I'd like to go back. They had about 10-15 taps and 40-50 beers, as I remember it. The atmosphere is nice and the patio is outstanding.

    Unfortunately my last trip there was on Election Day for lunch. Stupid 6pm rule!!!

  4. IndyIndie - Nice suggestion.

    MEG - Actually, our last new location review was the Old Town Ale House - and while we certainly wouldn't mind revisiting, I think we're attempting to check out places we haven't visited before.

    The Trader Joe's thing is interesting.. I'll throw it in the list of things we're picking away at (bottom of the far right column).

    Ahow - AHOW! Some of us have been to Fireside, but we didn't take notes that night. It's probably worth a revisit as a roundtable. Good idea.

  5. Mike, are you implying that you go places, drink beer, and don't take detailed notes to report back to all of us waiting by our Google Readers with bated breath? What else are going to do when you are eating dinner with the relatives? Talk to your mother-in-law?

  6. You mean you didn't notice the complete lack of both post-event photos and a write-up about the Behemoth tapping at BW3s? Despite the fact that we went through the keg in an hour and seven minutes? As you can plainly see, I have let everyone down. Again.

    Seriously, though... it's not just the note taking, it's the photography. And the retyping of the notes. It's a tough life. Someone oughta buy me a beer or something.

  7. IndyIndie - I heard about this at an IHPC hearing, of all places. Something about the jerks in Cottage Home trying to get it rezoned as non-Commercial or some type of Commercial that wouldn't allow a liquor license. Either way, I'd love to make it out and see what they've done with the place.

    Also HBG is mostly Mike harassing the rest of us slobs to type up our notes. Our only chance at freedom is to get him really drunk and he forgets where we were or what we drank.

  8. Had a few submitted via email that I might as well keep contained in this post:

    Have you guys been to Ale Emporium Lately? They just renovated half of their place! Mark Luros would be open to suggestions on which brews to bring on board! I also suggested to him the other day that he should set up a 'visiting brews' concept similar to MacNiven's downtown. He liked it! I recommended he connect with you all at Hoosier Beer Geeks!! I think you will make fast friends!! : )

    Have a good one,


    Granite City, 96th & Meridian.
    Mike DeWeese

  9. How about making plans to set in on a homebrew meeting with one of the area clubs. I know the Howard County Homebrewers meet the 3rd Monday of every month at the Half Moon. You could sample the Half Moon's line-up and check out the homebrew scene. Meeting's start at 6 PM.

  10. Sweet, sorry for the REPEAT! I Figured it was high profile enough to be seen.

    I love the homebrew club idea!

  11. I think we need to get up to Patrick's in Zionsville some time. And make Rod the designated driver.

  12. Rock Bottom College Park as well. Liz needs a visit from HBG.

  13. I'd suggest you get to Broadripple Brew Pub and try this recently tapped beer while it's available:

    Evilsizor's Russian Imperial Stout

    2008 Indiana State Fair Brewer's Cup Best of Show Winner

  14. Anonymous, we were at the BRBP January and got a sneak preview of the Imperial Stout, courtesy of Brewmaster Kevin.