11 March 2013

The First Meeting of BY(O)B

On a recent winter evening at the Sinking Ship, the Knights of the Beer Roundtable did two things that most would not expect.

First, Gina, Jim, and I consumed large amounts of Schlitz and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Second, I won a Moon Walk competition and took home a 12 pack of Tab.

Why were we drinking Schlitz and PBR at the Sinking Ship? It is the only bar known to carry both beers in Indianapolis. This information was brought to our attention by our new friend and drinking buddy Peter.

Peter is famous (or infamous, your choice) for creating the Schlabst. It is Milwaukee’s black and tan and consists of Schlitz poured on the bottom and PBR poured on the top (do it the other way and you end up with a Pitz). And Peter wanted to share this with us. So we ordered. And we drank. And we drank some more. We even added Valentine-versions of Peeps for the hell of it. And it was fun. And it tasted good. Good enough to order a second round.

Officiating marriages between beers is not Peter’s only interest. He is, also, a new resident to Indianapolis, brought here by his new job. His full name is Peter Wilt and he is the president of the new professional soccer team in Indianapolis. The new North American Soccer League franchise will play its first season in 2014 at Carroll Stadium on the IUPUI campus.

Team owner Ersal Ozdemir was smart to bring the talented Peter Wilt to Indy. Peter is probably best known for being the former president and general manager of the Major League Soccer team Chicago Fire. He has a knack for building up new teams and rallying fan bases. It may have something to do with making himself available to the public. What other professional sports team president in Indianapolis would have beers with the Knights of the Beer Roundtable?

Well… I have not asked them. Maybe they would. Does anybody have Ryan Grigson’s email address?

Even if I did have Grigson’s email address, I would be a bit sheepish to ask. Peter, on the other hand, has made himself available to the fans through Twitter and can be found frequently Indy’s quality watering holes in Fountain Square, Mass Ave, and Broad Ripple. He is obviously doing something right. The soccer team has 2,000 season ticket holders.


Without a coach, a single player, a single game played…

Or a name.

The name of the soccer team has been the subject of great debate amongst soccer fans, including supporters group Brickyard Battalion (or BYB). Even Peter is not sure what name will ultimately be selected. But we offered up our suggestion to him. And we think he took to it well.

If you are interested in suggesting a name and team colors, obtaining season tickets, and following the news regarding the HBG-FC (or whatever the team will be named), check out the Indy Pro Soccer website.

Oh yeah, the Moon Walk thing…

Peter enjoys trivia night at pubs. And on this particular night, it was Burlesque Trivia at the Sinking Ship. The theme for trivia was “the 80’s” and we tied up with two other teams in round 3. To break the tie, a representative from each team had to come up on stage and do their best Moon Walk. My version sucked. But I finished with a falsetto “he he!” and a crotch thrust and that was enough to win. The prize was a 12 pack of Tab. And that shit is nasty.

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