29 March 2013

Scenes from Hoosier Beer Geek's Inaugural Pint Night at Mass Ave Pub

The very first Hoosier Beer Geek Pint Night is in the books. We thank all those who came out to enjoy Founders All Day IPA with us. We also thank Tracy Robertson and Mass Ave Pub for hosting us. If you've never been to Mass Ave Pub and you're into craft beer, we urge you to go. Tracy keeps all taps flowing with craft beer, and you're always bound to find off-the-beaten-path beers in stock.

For those of you wondering, yes, there will be another Pint Night. Indeed, this is going to be a monthly thing. So check back in with us here at Hoosier Beer Geek because we'll soon announce the next location and beer for April's Pint Night. In the meantime, enjoy this peek at what you missed if you weren't able to make it out for Pint Night I.

We hope to see you in April!


  1. I just had one in bottles the other day for the first time...humongous Citra nose and flavor in the All Day IPA, don't you think? Like Zombie Dust Lite, kind of.

  2. I think that's a good description, Jason. A really enjoyable beer.

  3. It's actually one you could home brew ALL DAY LONG. No sweat to that recipe : )