29 March 2013

Random Beer Roundup - The Things That Make You Go Hmmm Edition

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IBA: Interrogatories

By Tyler D. Helmond, Voyles Zahn & PaulMarch 27, 2013

Lee A. Smith
Executive Director, Brewers of Indiana Guild
iba-las-w-fsq-pint-1col.jpgLee Smith
She is a graduate of Indiana University and the Chicago-Kent College of Law. She has served as a Deputy Public Defender at the Indiana State Public Defender’s Office, the Principal Clerk of the Indiana House of Representatives, and a Donor Relations Officer at Indiana Landmarks. She is Lee Smith, and she has been served with interrogatories.

Q What is the Brewers of Indiana Guild?

A The Guild is the trade association for all of Indiana’s professional craft breweries, 61 at the moment but the ranks are growing an average of one new brewery per month.

Q In your former life, your clients were criminal defendants. Now your only client is Indiana craft beer. For which is it more fun to advocate?

A Well, of course the brewers are more fun, especially since I don’t have to be frisked prior to visits with this client! Our meetings often include sitting down with a pint of beer (a very civilized way to conduct business, by the way!). But you’re right to recognize that both of these career turns include advocacy. I love the job I have now, but I’m also proud of the work I did as a Deputy Public Defender.

Q What is the most interesting or unique Indiana craft beer you’ve tried?

A Our brewers are very creative, so “most unique” changes all the time. One beer that comes to mind is Rob Caputo’s Cucumber Kolsch. Rob is the head brewer at Flat 12 Bierwerks. It didn’t sound like something I’d like, but it was refreshingly light with just a hint of cucumber, and quite delicious! I took the Kolsch to the Great American Beer Festival last October and people were absolutely crazy for it.

Q The Guild sponsors several very popular beer festivals each year. What goes into making those events so successful? Are there any plans to add annual events?

A We produce three annual festivals with a total attendance of around 10,000. Winterfest and the Indiana Microbrewers Festival are in Indy, and our newest fest is in Bloomington. The next festival is the Third Annual Bloomington Craft Beer Festival in April (a great fest in an amazing venue: the historic Woolery Mill). There are two reasons our festivals have gained such a loyal following: the brewers and the volunteers. The brewers are kind of rock stars among the faithful, and festivals are the primary opportunity for brewers and beer enthusiasts to interact (and the brewers enjoy it just as much as the guests). Our festivals are largely managed by a group of volunteers called Hoosier Beer Geek. These people are amazing in their dedication and professionalism. The Guild is still basically a grass-roots organization and we couldn’t do the festivals without HBG.

Q I can’t ask you to pick a favorite from among Guild members, so what is your favorite commercial beer?

A Well, if I picked one of the big “fizzy” beers I’d get laughed out of the Guild. Truth be told, I’m not sure I’ll ever again enjoy a Bud Light. If I can’t get craft, I’ll order the closest thing which usually ends up being a Heineken.

Q You have two children who are at or nearing drinking age. What has been your approach to teach them about alcohol and how it should be used responsibly?

A We’ve tried to demystify alcohol in our household. My husband and I are not big drinkers, but we certainly have alcohol in the home. When our oldest went to college (he is now 23) my husband and I were impressed that the kids seem to be more responsible about driving than we were at that age. Our younger son is 17 and we’ve talked about being responsible, not only for his own behavior but also in watching out for his friends. Incidentally, craft beer is not really what underage drinkers are after. For one thing, it is expensive. And the taste is better suited to a more mature palate. You just don’t hear about kids chugging $7 pints of beer.

Q What are some skills you developed as a litigator and as a legislative lawyer that are useful in leading an organization like the Guild? What advice would you give a lawyer transitioning from practice to leading an organization?

A In some ways my job with the Guild is similar to my days as Principal Clerk of the Indiana House of Representatives. Technically, I report directly to the Guild President, as I reported directly to the Speaker at the State House. But I have a broad constituency of owners and brewers with specific needs and objectives, just like my “100 bosses” at the House of Representatives. I learn a lot just by listening to my brewers and visiting them in their environment. As for advice, I’d tell lawyers considering a change to follow their hearts. A law degree should not constrain one’s choices. Instead, it should open doors. I know lawyers who have jumped tracks into education, NFP management, social services, lobbying and even brewing (of course!—who but lawyers would call their brewpub Black Acre?). I’ve never heard anyone express regret over time spent in the practice of law or a law school education.

Q How much more likely to have a beard are brewers compared with the general population?

A Someone should do a study on that! Wonder if there’s grant money… Off the top of my head, I’d guess the incidence of beards on brewers is second only to orthodox rabbis.

Q Can or bottle?

A Hot topic right now! Bottles are still way more common than cans for crafts, but can proponents (like Sun King, Great Crescent and newcomer Tin Man) are passionate about cans and say it keeps beer fresher.•

From the Brewers

From David at Triton Brewing in Indianapolis:
Fieldhouse Wheat, Four Barrel Brown, Magnificent Amber Ale, Deadeye Stout, Railsplitter India Pale Ale, Sin Bin Belgian Pale Ale, McQueenie’s Scotch Ale, BJava Brown, Bourbon Barrel I-65 Baltic Porter and 2012 Muletide (BJava Bourbon Barrel 1-65 Baltic Porter) and O’Rye-N Galaxy Pale Ale.
Crispin Cider (bottle), Brooklyn There Will be Black IPA, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Rivertown War, and Widmer Omission Lager (bottle)
  •  Triton Brewing Company will be closed Easter Sunday, March 31st. Be sure to get your Holiday Beer early!
  • Alumni Center Ball State University, April 3, 6 p.m. Beer-tasting reception & Dinner Begin the evening with a beer-tasting reception featuring representatives from three local breweries: Flat 12 Bierwerks, Fountain Square Brewery, and Triton Brewing. Then enjoy dinner highlighted by tri-tip beef, beer pairings, and demonstrations by Executive Chef Lucas. Tickets are $35 each. To purchase, call Debbie Hutton at (765) 285-5203.
  • #Clustertruck, Wednesday, April 17, 6-9 pm!  Join us and our friends from the Food Truck Alliance.

From Ryan at Thr3e Wise Men in Indianapolis:

Make sure to join us next Tuesday April 2nd at Thr3e Wise Men when we tap two amazing beers in one night, Two Sisters Carolina Saison and Old 59 Barley Wine. Have a $2.50 pint of one of these or one of our 6 main house beers.

Thr3e Wise Men Snow Bunny Blonde & Centennial Martyr Double IPA are now available for all Bars & Restaurants in state of Indiana. Talk to your local Cavalier rep. Click here for more info.

At Bars, Restaurants, & Carry Out

From Ryan at Scotty's Brewhouse:

Scotty’s Brewhouse 96th street Indianapolis is now pouring Summit Saga IPA. Come enjoy a pint of this great beer every Thursday for only

Scotty’s Brewhouse Downtown Indianapolis is now serving Fountain Square Workingman’s Pilsner! Stop by every Wednesday for a 48oz pitcher for only $10.00!

From Mike at Yogi's in Bloomington:

From the Distributors

From Jen at Cavalier:

4/1 – Don’t Be The Fool, Be The Pranqster Event @ The Tap in Bloomington featuring North Coast Pranqster; 7pm

Beer Events/Fundraisers

Bike to the Ballpark with Sun King Brewing - The Indians Lager will be tapped! 

On Thursday, April 4th, 2013 Sun King will host the 3rd Annual Bike to the Ballpark. The event begins with a pre party in the south lot of Sun King from 4-6pm.

"Victory Field is such a great venue to take in a game and we look forward to this event every year because it marks the coming of Spring," said Sun King owner/brewer Dave Colt.  "It's also an opportunity to promote bicycling and get people out to enjoy more of what Indy has to offer."

The 3rd Annual Bike to the Ballpark event will take place on Thursday, April 4th, 2013 for the Indianapolis Indians' season opening game.  Cyclists will have the opportunity to meet up in the Sun King south parking lot for an escorted ride through downtown lead by Mayor Greg Ballard and his team and then enjoy the first baseball game of the season.  Before the ride, individuals can purchase a pint of Indians Lager, the official craft beer of the Indianapolis Indians, and snack on food by Nacho Mama's and Groovy Guys Fries.  Mayor Ballard will also be speaking about the evolution of biking in Indianapolis.

Sun King once again has partnered with the Indianapolis Indians and IndyCog for this community event.  New partners to this years event NUVO, The Mass Ave Criterium, and The Handlebar.

Hoosier Beer Geek + Black Market Beer Brunch

In our grand tradition of drinking beer as early as possible, we would like to introduce a new event.  The Hoosier Beer Geek + Black Market Beer Brunch.  Or HBG+BMBB for short.  For this breakfast event, our beer theme will be fruit.  We've selected our beer list and Black Market is putting together the menu.  Here's the details.

Hoosier Beer Geek + Black Market Beer Brunch
April 7, 2013 + 10:30am
4 courses + 6 beers

Sun King Pink Taco
Black Acre Raspberry Blonde
Sixpoint 3Beans
Daredevil Muse
New Day Breakfast Magpie
Flat12 Raspberry Walkabout

$40 per person
No tickets for this one, but you must RSVP to reserve your spot.  We're only going to do one seating, so don't delay!  We'll announce the menu as soon as Black Market finalizes it, but we're going targeting a traditional breakfast fare.  A vegetarian option will be available if you're into that.

To RSVP, call Black Market at 317-822-6757

Bloomington Craft Beer Week (BCBW), culminating with the third annual Bloomington Craft Beer Fest on Sat. April 13.

You are invited to take part in the first ever Bloomington Craft Beer Week (BCBW), culminating with the third annual Bloomington Craft Beer Fest on Sat. April 13. With support from the Brewers of Indiana Guild, we are hoping to get local restaurants, bars, breweries, retailers, and beer lovers involved with BCBW during the week of April 6-13.
Here are details for how you can get involved:
- Dates for BCBW events: April 6-13 – culminating with the Bloomington Craft Beer Fest on April 13.
-Local organizations are encouraged to design their own events for BCBW.
-We want a focus on our fantastic Indiana beer heritage and growing industry.
-Possibilities include some of the ideas below - but it's all up to you.  If you have events scheduled for the week feel free to make them part of BCBW.  (I'm personally hoping for an Indiana IPA event - oh yes!)
  • Bloomington/Indiana tap takeovers
  • Educational events
  • Retail specials
  • Brewer meet-n-greets
  • Special beer pairing menus
  • And more!
- You can participate on an individual day or all week - no limits but we hope you will join us for a week of fun beer celebration!
We plan to have BCBW events each day leading up to BFest.  Please think about how and when your organization can participate and feel free to respond to me directly via email or call/text me at 812-340-6223.  I plan to follow-up within the next week or so. 
Oh yeah - did I mention a totally sweet iPhone and Android app?  BCBW participating organization will be able to publish details about each event (including date, time, location (with map) and event details) and attendees will even be able to check in to your events!
Terry Durkin - 812-340-6223 - terry@terrydurkin.com

Brew Bracket Tasting Tournament featuring Belgian Style Beers

Date: Saturday, April 27th
Time: 6-9PM
Place: Tomlinson Tap Room
Participating Brewers: Upland, Bloomington, Bier, Triton, Brugge, Twisted Crew, RAM, and Evil Czech Brewing.
Tickets details: $40 participant (4 pack for $35/ea), 150 will be sold
Where can I stock up:  http://bbbelgians-es2005.eventbrite.com/?rank=1

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