19 March 2013

Hoosier Beer Geek + Black Market Beer Brunch

In our grand tradition of drinking beer as early as possible, we would like to introduce a new event.  The Hoosier Beer Geek + Black Market Beer Brunch.  Or HBG+BMBB for short.  For this breakfast event, our beer theme will be fruit.  We've selected our beer list and Black Market is putting together the menu.  Here's the details.

Hoosier Beer Geek + Black Market Beer Brunch
April 7, 2013 + 10:30am
4 courses + 6 beers

Sun King Pink Taco
Black Acre Raspberry Blonde
Sixpoint 3Beans
Daredevil Muse
New Day Breakfast Magpie
Flat12 Raspberry Walkabout

$40 per person

No tickets for this one, but you must RSVP to reserve your spot.  We're only going to do one seating, so don't delay!  We'll announce the menu as soon as Black Market finalizes it, but we're going targeting a traditional breakfast fare.  A vegetarian option will be available if you're into that.

To RSVP, call Black Market at 317-822-6757


  1. Will this replace the CBMTCBL?

  2. It depends on what you mean by "replace."

    This isn't the CBMTCBL. Even though it is still a meal before lunch, it is a different format and not intended to be a replacement. It does seem likely that we will not do the CBMTCBL this year, since we don't want to conflict with Ted working on his new place downtown. So in that sense, it won't co-exist with the CBMTCBL (at least this year).

    Make sense?