15 March 2012

New in the Indianapolis Star: Beer Label Art

Our latest work for the Indianapolis Star, Beer companies get creative, put artwork on cans and bottles, hit print today. The topic of label art is one we at Hoosier Beer Geek have talked about a lot in private conversation - but it's never one we've really covered on the site.

We'll ask you: What's your favorite beer label art? And why? National or local, we'd love to hear from you.


  1. I am always hopeful that the Brewers Cup State Fair Competition will one day include a home and commercial brewers "label competition" along with the other festivities!

    I did notice the Six Point boxes the other day, bought some, and I have to say I really like that style of artwork. Half Acre is another which has a style I admire. Sun King is a bit crazy, busy and over the top on their can graphics. Surly is pretty nice as well, though it ain't found 'roud here.

  2. What I don't like about 6 point is that they don't have the beer style on the packaging. Not the biggest fan of the beers but flying dog has some cool label art.

  3. Looks like JJ is a can fan. Martin, I agree about the Flying Dog stuff, always liked the labels more than the beer.