08 March 2012

Brugge Owners to Open Brewery and Restaurant Near Mass Ave.

The Indianapolis Business Journal reported back in January that Ted Miller and the other owners of Brugge Brasserie were filing plans with the City of Indianapolis to move their brewing operation from Terre Haute to a downtown Indianapolis location. In addition, they plan to open an adjacent restaurant developed with chef Greg Hardesty.  The site of this proposed brewery-restaurant operation is on the northwest corner of North St. and Park Ave., about a block south of Yat's location on Mass Ave.  That location happens to be in the protected "Chatham Arch and Massachusetts Avenue Historic District" so their plans must be approved by the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC).

Those plans were heard by the IHPC yesterday and we're happy to report that Ted Miller and crew passed a major hurdle: their brewery-restaurant was approved with a unanimous vote of 6-0.  Below we have some diagrams included in their public filing that show the layout of the proposed restaurant and brewery, as well as a rendering of what the exterior will look like.
The proposed layout of the brewery (bottom) and adjacent restaurant (top-right).

Renderings for the proposed brewery-restaurant combo, Park Ave. frontage at top, North St. frontage at bottom.


  1. This is awesome news! Any word on how long it's going to take them to get up and running?

  2. Nothing to report yet, no.