25 November 2010

The "What's On Your Thanksgiving Table" Open Thread | 2010 Edition

Here we are once again with our annual tradition.

So what are you drinking today? Leave us a comment below to let us know.


  1. I have a growler of NABC Bonfire of the Valkyries, and a bottle of N'Ice Chouffe (2009) hiden away.

    They'll be paired with Vietnamese leftovers. It's a family tradition.

  2. Think I'm going to pop a bottle of Blushing Monk, or a bottle of NG Raspberry Tart. Then a big Imperial Stout, maybe a Hunahpu or Abyss. There will no doubt be some experimental blending...

  3. Pork roast. A fresh growler of Bier Brewery's robust Porter.

  4. We are sharing with friends some-
    Dogfish Head Red and White
    Southern Tier Jahva
    Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

  5. Started w/ a couple of bourbon barrel aged beers by Schlafly and BBC. Currently working my way through a Unibroue sampler pack. I am thankful for a beer fridge full of beer.

  6. Bier Brewery Pale - good to the last drop!

  7. It was a good Thanksgiving.
    Barfly IPA and Bier Belgian Blonde to start.
    Crazy awesome wines from one brother.
    KBS and TBK for dessert from the other brother.
    Goose Island IPA with late night jibber-jabber.

  8. New Glarus Raspberry Tart
    Sun King Cowbell Milk Porter
    Rock Bottom Downtown Naughty Scot
    Founders Breakfast Stout