30 November 2010

Winterfest 2011 volunteer sign-up

We think you're all pretty cool people, and most of you are probably responsible and reliable too. I bet you'd even be pretty swell volunteers. Here's your heads up that the Winterfest 2011 volunteer registration is open. It's first-come, first-serve, so have at it.


To take care of a couple questions...

Yes, you'll have to work the entire festival.
Yes, you'll have plenty of opportunities to drink while volunteering.
No, you can't get drunk. Well I mean you're physically capable, but we'd urge you to be responsible with your drinking so that you can still help out. And "party starter" is not a volunteer responsibility.
Yes, dinner is provided. For some reason people usually forget to ask about this and just skip straight to whether they can drink.

Even if you don't want to volunteer, we still hope you attend Winterfest 2011 and have a most excellent time! Party on!

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