06 October 2010

Hoosier Beer Geek's TFN3: Tricks and Treats

So many times I find myself in a bar, having the same conversation.

"You guys have great events," he'll say.

"Thanks, we really try to throw events that people will enjoy," I'll say.

"Yeah, they're almost perfect," he'll say.


"Well, yeah.. You haven't done an event that's a tribute to prostitutes," he'll say. "You know, some kind of halloween season hooker themed thing."

"Yet, Scotty," I say. "We haven't had that event yet."

Well, Mr. Better-Beer-Loving-Halloween-And-Hooker-Fan, your time has come.

You may recall reading about Tailgate for Nothing 1, an event we threw back in November of 2009. You may even recall reading about or even attending Tailgate for Nothing 2 (DIPA Dischord). Well, we're doing it all again.

The Hoosier Beer Geek Knights of the Beer Roundtable invite you to join us for..

TFN3: Tricks and Treats
Saturday, October 23rd, starting at 11AM
Back parking lot of the Sun King Brewery
135 N. College, Indy

What's Tailgate for Nothing (TFN)? All eight HBG Knights of the Beer Roundtable are fans of the act of tailgating. It occurred to us that tailgating usually revolves around sporting events - but why should it have to? Getting together with friends, eating hearty and/or unhealthy foods, drinking beer, and just hanging out - these are ideas we can all get behind.

TFN is exactly that - a tailgate for nothing. It's an opportunity for people to wheel out their everyday great beer, or the beer they never have an excuse to drink and to share it with like-minded individuals who are sure to appreciate what they are drinking.

TFN will be done in a traditional tailgate manner - bring your own everything (tailgate, beer, food, trash bags, chairs, bbq grills, games, whatever), cook and eat in a parking lot (pots of chili, brats and hamburgers, and stuff like that), and in the end, clean up after yourself. The main idea is sharing food and drink, hanging out, and having a good time.

Why the Hooker theme? Because we're immature and we thought it was funny. There's no costume requirements. Hookers are welcome, but only if they bring beer and food. You're also welcome to bring kids or dogs. We especially welcome dogs that bring beer. Unfortunately it's illegal for kids to bring beer. Someday..

In addition to the beer, we'll have unhealthy foods. This time the menu is wide open. Jim is bringing lettuce again, because for Jim lettuce is like soul food. It's what his mama made him as a kid. This is a bring your own food event, but there's plenty of sharing going on. Put together something tasty, it's fun to show everyone how well you cook.

If you don't have a giant special beer, that's not a problem. Just make sure you bring something yummy. This isn't a rare beer contest. It's just a good time. Also this won't cost you anything to attend.

What to bring (aside from food and beer):

Tasting Glasses - If you have any tasting glasses from former beer events, bring them along. There should be a lot of beer to share, and the smaller glasses are the best way to go about sharing.

Chairs - There won't be seating unless you bring some.

Friends - BRING FRIENDS. Hopefully you'll be making some, but it never hurts to have a posse.

We'll do our best to be social butterflies, but this is just gonna be a bunch of people hanging out. We're thinking maybe we'll bring nametags to make things easier. We encourage you to be nosy, it's the best way to make friends. Well, that and drinking.

ANY QUESTIONS? Leave a comment. Planning to attend? Leave a comment. Don't want to leave a comment? Don't let that stop you from attending. We'll be there no matter what.


  1. It's amazing how clear you have to be about BRINGING SOMETHING TO SHARE and not being an asshole. Yeah, those are probably the same people who throw trash out their car window at a stop light.

    I don't understand why these events don't happen on Sundays though. What a perfect way to follow up church (for those who attend)!

    Attendance is a maybe for me though as a result of previously planned engagements. We'll see...

  2. It was hard enough getting everyone to agree on a date... who wants to be hung over at work on Monday?

  3. Everyone should bring pumpkin beer. Happy Halloween Prostitutes.

  4. Or bring your favorite trick?

  5. If it was only a week later, my pumpkin ale would be ready. Oh well, I will try and round up some friends and make our way there.

  6. If that tramp was a blonde, I might have thought you created this event especially for me.