17 October 2010

Indiana's New Brewery Jungle: Checking In On Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company

Back in late July we tried to get you up to speed on the new craft breweries that are soon to call the great Indianapolis area home. Since that time there have been even more new brewery annoucements - 10 total at last count. We stopped in at perhaps one of the most prominent - Scotty Wise's Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company - to see how the space is coming together.

The building's outside shell remains the same, but the plans below give a better idea of what's to come.

The restaurant/dining space proposal calls for a patio to extend from the north side of the entrance, wrapping around the Broad Ripple Avenue end (and giving a clear view of Monon trail traffic and the scenic McDonald's building across the street).

A grain silo will sit adjacent the brewery entrance. The silo will sit on a scale, allowing brewery staff to keep close track of materials.

A panorama of the under contruction space from the front door (click image to enlarge). One thing worth mentioning here is that the space will hold both a restaurant and brewery, and is split in order to function as both. The brewery space will only occupy the western half of the building.

The former Sunflower Market walk-in produce cooler will now hold the brewery's brite tanks.

This space (located in the building's northwest corner) will house the brewhouse portion (the mash tun and kettle in this diagram) of the brewery's equipment. The building's north side windows will be extended east to reveal the brewhouse to Broad Ripple Avenue traffic.

These two rooms - built on the west wall of the space - will house the mill room and water treatment sections of the brewery. The brewery plans to utilize an reverse osmosis water treatment system in addition to city and softened water.

The brewery will start with four fermentation tanks, but has plenty of room to expand with demand.

Thr3e Wise Men head brewer Omar Castrellon repeatedly mentioned his pleasure at the way things were coming together, being sure to mention that the crew of riggers and fitters helping put things together have done an excellent job. Omar would not speculate on when he thought things would be ready, though Thr3e Wise Men owner Scott Wise said he was hoping for a January 1st opening for the space in a recent email.


  1. The panorama photo is great! Can't wait to see the finished space...

  2. I've always liked Omar's lagers. I hope he continues to do those.

  3. You can’t miss this place – stainless steel vats lit to be seen from the Avenue. Parking, well that will always be an issue in the village. Honestly put, Saturday night’s visit was a disappointment. Thought the place was packed by your average entertainment starved Broad Ripple patron, I felt the brew missed the mark. With 8 varieties listed, I expected more. Most lacked uniqueness other than color. The grog presented as yeasty derivatives of a common recipe. We ordered Pizza off the menu which was delivered quickly despite the capacity crowd. I found it difficult to describe, more like a matzah crust with toppings, not New York and definitely not Chicago style. Is this a brew house that serves food, or a restaurant that brews its own? Focus grasshopper – focus!