06 May 2010

Hoosier Beer Geek's Tailgate for Nothing 2 (TFN2): DIPA Dischord

A few nights ago, Gina and I were out at a Sun King/Zing beer pairing dinner, where we met a nice couple who asked "So those events you do.. can anyone come to them? We weren't really sure how that works."

The answer: Yes. Please come to our events. Like the one you're about to read about, which is free to attend.

You may recall reading about Tailgate for Nothing (1), an event we threw back in November of last year. We had beer and unhealthy food and a good time, so we're doing it again, this time with a twist.

The Hoosier Beer Geek Knights of the Beer Roundtable invite you to join us for..

TFN2: DIPA Dischord
Saturday, May 22nd, starting at 11AM
Back parking lot of the Sun King Brewery
135 N. College, Indy

What's Tailgate for Nothing (TFN)? All nine HBG Knights of the Beer Roundtable are fans of the act of tailgating. It occurred to us that tailgating usually revolves around sporting events - but why should it have to? Getting together with friends, eating hearty and/or unhealthy foods, drinking beer, and just hanging out - these are ideas we can all get behind.

TFN is exactly that - a tailgate for nothing. It's an opportunity for people to wheel out their rare beer, beer they never have an excuse to drink, or just big ABV beers, and to share it with like-minded individuals who are sure to appreciate what they are drinking.

TFN will be done in a traditional tailgate manner - bring your own everything (tailgate, beer, food, trash bags, chairs, bbq grills, games, whatever), cook and eat in a parking lot (pots of chili, brats and hamburgers, and stuff like that), and in the end, clean up after yourself. The main idea is sharing food and drink, hanging out, and having a good time.

What's DIPA Dischord? Well if you read our site you know that we rate beer in non-traditional ways. We're sitting on a pile of Double IPAs, and we're going to break them into brackets, taste them blind, and rack up some scores, in hopes of finding out which one is best. This is a task that's bigger than any of us, and we want you to help.

Are they all fresh? No, not exactly. Does it really matter? No, because we're just doing this for fun. In some cases we have just one bottle. This is Hoosier Beer Geek. We wing it.
SITTING ON MY COUNTER TOP (Where they'll stay fresh. Whatever.)

Good to go:
Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree (12 oz)
Lagunitus Hop Stoopid (22 oz)
Yulesmith Holiday (22 oz)
Southern Tier Unearthly (22 oz)
Green Flash Imperial IPA (22 oz)
Hoppin' Frog Mean Manalishi DIPA (22 oz)
Bell's Hopslam (4 12 oz)
Sun King Cream Dream 2 (four pack cans)
He'Brew Lenny's Bittersweet RIPA
Oskar Blues Gubna


Local and Easyish:
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
Stone Ruinaton
Three Floyds Dreadnaught
Founders Double Trouble

Local and Requiring Effort:
Brugge DIPA
New Albanian Hoptimus
Barley Island Count Hopula

Will Consider Acquiring:
Heavy Seas Big DIPA
Victory Hop Wallop
Harpoon Leviathan IIPA
Russian River Pliny the Elder
Mad River Steelhead DIPA
Great Divide Hercules
Avery Maharajah
If you're planning to attend and have something in the DON'T HAVE YET list, and are willing to throw it in the pile, let us know.

If you're planning to attend and don't like Double IPAs, that's ok too, as we'll have other beer as well.

In addition to the beer, we'll have unhealthy foods. Jason is bringing sausages. There have been rumors of a KFC Double Down recreation. Jim will bring lettuce because Jim is a rabbit. This is a bring your own food event, but there's plenty of sharing (and daring) going on.

If you don't have a giant special beer, that's not a problem. Just make sure you bring something tasty. This isn't a rare beer contest. It's just a good time. Also this won't cost you anything to attend.

You can even bring well behaved kids. You cannot give them beer, though. This isn't Wisconsin. And drunk kids are never well behaved, unless they're passed out. I'm guessing. I don't have kids.

What to bring (aside from food and beer)

Tasting Glasses - If you have any tasting glasses from former beer events, bring them along. There should be a lot of beer to share, and the smaller glasses are the best way to go about sharing.

Chairs - There won't be seating unless you bring some.

Friends - BRING FRIENDS. Hopefully you'll be making some, but it never hurts to have a posse.

We'll do our best to be social butterflies, but this is just gonna be a bunch of people hanging out. We're thinking maybe we'll bring nametags to make things easier. We encourage you to be nosy, it's the best way to make friends. Well, that and drinking.

Once again: TFN2 takes place on Saturday, May 22nd, starting at 11AM in the back parking lot of the Sun King Brewery (135 N. College, Indy).

ANY QUESTIONS? Leave a comment. Planning to attend? Leave a comment. Don't want to leave a comment? Don't let that stop you from attending. We'll be there no matter what.


  1. Rabbits eat falafel too. And french fries. Which is what I'll have for public consumption at TFN2. I don't know about lettuce though. Maybe some cucumbers and tomatoes.

  2. I would bring a bottle of Founders Devil Dancer, but the label says triple IPA. I think it would feel a little out of place at this double IPA party.

  3. Oh Brian, you big kidder.

  4. Mike, who is this ninth knight you mention? Because if you think I'm going let you sneak that damn ostrich in as a knight, you got another thing coming.

  5. I may have reused that text from a previous TFN.

  6. I will throw in a couple bottles of Double Trouble.

  7. I will bring a couple bottles of Double Trouble.

  8. Excellent, Daive. I'll mark that down.

  9. And I just noticed a Gubna. I'll bring that as well.

  10. I have 1 big bottle each of Two Brothers Hop Juice, Heavy Seas Big DIPA and Rogue Double Dead Guy (if that counts) that I will throw in the pile...

  11. Thanks, Brian. We'll mark that down on our list. See you on Saturday.

  12. I have a bottle of Rogue's 10000 Batch Ale along with a bottle of Devil Dancer to contribute. Oh, and Filipino BBQ to grill on the baby weber.

    It'll be me +1.

  13. Oh yeah, bomber of Hoppin' Frog HopDam too.

  14. Thanks everyone, for coming to the best tailgate ever! I don't know about the rest of you but I haven't been this sunburned in a very, very long time. Hope you all had as much fun as I did!

  15. I don't suppose anyone found a Coleman cooler with a G2 and a Racer 5 in it? Shoot me an e-mail if you did. infestaxion@yahoo.com
    Thank you.

  16. Yikes, Daive. Hopefully that turns up.