27 May 2010

What to Drink and Who to Root For on Race Day

Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us, and in Indianapolis that means it's time for the Greatest Spectacle in Racing: The Indianapolis 500.

It may be old news to most, but there are a few beer-related things to know if you're making your way to the speedway. According to the spectator regulations page at IndianapolisMotorSpeedway.com:
Coolers are permitted but size is restricted to no larger than 14 inches by 14 inches by 14 inches; coolers may be hard- or soft-sided.

Food and beverages are permitted, but no glass containers of any kind are allowed.
What that means is that you're going to be in the market for beer in cans. Lucky for you, we've put a little guide together.

One option is the 5 Liter Mini-Keg - it allows for a large quantity of beer in one convenient package. Perhaps the most common example is the Bell's Oberon 5L Mini Keg - available at the following HBG friendly locations: Keg Liquors (Clarksville), 21st Amendment (Broad Ripple), Big Red Liquors (Bloomington), United Package Liquors (Countyline and Meridian).

Of course if you want a little more variety in your beer choices, we're lucky in that there are now (finally) plenty of available craft beer cans. Our first choice is always local, and Sun King cans (Sunlight Cream Ale and Osiris Pale Ale) are available at the downtown brewery, 21st Amendment, Kahn's, Parti Pak, Goose the Market, Crown Downtown, Mass Ave. Wine Shop, and Vine & Table.

If you'd like to expand your options more, there are out of state can options. Here are just a few:
New Belgiums Fat Tire
Stevens Point Cascade Pale, Nude Beach & Special Lager
Fullers London Pride
Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat
Wittekerke Wit Bier
Southern Star Buried Hatched Strong Stout and Pine Belt Pale Ale
Breckenridge Avalanche Ale
Now that you've got your beer sorted out, you'll need to pick a team to root for. Luckily we've sorted that out for you, too. Only one team at the Speedway is sponsored by an Indiana brewery - Conquest Racing, sponsored by Brugge Beer
and Brasserie.

This is what a press release looks like:

Belgian Connection Sparks Brugge and Conquest Racing Partnership to Fuel Indianapolis School on Wheels Efforts to Break the Cycle of Homelessness through Education

Indianapolis, IN (May 20, 2010) – One local race team is pondering more than qualifying times and pole position stats this month. In an effort to help lessen Indy’s high rate of homeless children, Conquest Racing is helping Brugge Brasserie put the pedal to the metal to raise awareness and funds for School on Wheels.

While Conquest Racing is very focused on what is happening trackside these days, Team Owner, Eric Bachelart, also has a bigger picture in mind.

“Over the years, Ted Miller and I became good friends. He recently approached me and asked if Conquest might be interested in helping to promote the School on Wheels charity organization alongside Brugge. Because I feel extremely fortunate to be able to do what I do for a living, it feels good to get behind a cause like this and help the homeless kids of Indianapolis,” said Bachelart.

Beyond a love for racing and now a shared cause, Conquest and Brugge also have a Belgian connection in common. Abraham Benrubi, TV/Film Actor and Brugge Co-Owner, explains, “We’ve got Belgian food and beer…..Conquest has a Belgian driver and owner. Conversations happened, we all liked each other, and here we are. We are grateful to be partnering with Conquest and want to leverage the relationship to make a difference for Indy.”

With the vision of breaking the cycle of homelessness through education, School on Wheels has been tutoring homeless children in Indianapolis for the past ten years. In 2009, local volunteer tutors donated nearly 5,000 hours of time to working with area youth to support the organization’s mission to enhance and enrich educational opportunities for school-aged homeless children.

“Armed with the knowledge that the average age of a homeless person in Indianapolis is nine years old and that children make up 30% of the City’s homeless population supporting School on Wheels was an easy choice for all of us,” said Ted Miller, Brugge Co-Owner.

Donations to School on Wheels will be accepted at Brugge though the end of June. Special promotions and driver photos will also be available on-site at Brugge.

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