27 May 2010

Announcing Triton Brewing Company

In a nondescript warehouse near the State Fairgrounds is stored the remains of the fallen Ft. Wayne brewery, Warbird. The brewing equipment is awaiting the next chapter of its life.

On Wednesday night, fifty-plus people were in attendance as Michael DeWeese, Jon Lang and David Waldman gave us a peek at what is next: Triton Brewing Company.

After failing to come to an agreement with the Thr3e Wise Men Brewery1, the trio formerly known as Beer Baron parted ways with Thr3e Wise Men and began to formulate the plans for Triton. The production brewery has not yet settled on a location, but they are currently looking at the northeast side of town, along the Binford Boulevard corridor. Their current plans include them installing the brewery equipment as soon as next month. When they open later this fall, you will not only find a taproom, but the first third2 brewery in the state to use a reverse osmosis system for treating the water used in brewing. The goal is to break the water down to its simplest form and add in minerals as needed for the particular beer styles. Bottling will be done with the help of a bottle filler purchased from Barrel House in Cincinnati.

The Hoosier Beer Geek 6 Pack: Jon Lang, Head Brewer, Triton Brewing Company

1) Who are you and where do you work?

Jon Lang, brewer for Triton Brewing Company.

2) What are your short term and long term brewery goals?

Short term? Get open! Long term, have full state distribution in 2 years.

3) What styles will you offer?

An American IPA, Brown, Stout, my usual barrel aged stuff, and something lighter.

4) Do you have any benchmarks when you brew?

To get more GABF medals. (Jon's won 3 GABF medals in 4 years.)

5) When do you think you will be operational?

Looking like the end of the year, October or November depending on all of the paperwork. The actual location will be somewhere between 146th and 64th, leaning heavily towards 64th Street area. (We've heard Binford, possibly.)

6) Do you have any influences?

Just a passion for brewing. Started in 1990 and have been going strong since.

Along with unveiling their new logo, they offered up samples of homebrew test batches: an English mild and two takes on their flagship IPA, one with American yeast and one with English yeast. The IPAs featured big citrus hops, and the mild was surprisingly strong and malty. The guests were invited to vote on their favorite name for the IPA, choosing between "No Hopologies," "Hopaloompa" and "Rail Splitter." A write-in campaign for "AnticIPAtion" was also underway.

T-Shirt Giveaway!

Tell us in the comments which IPA name you like the best: No Hopologies, Hopaloompa, Rail Splitter, AnticIPAtion - or write in your own! We'll choose a random comment at 5PM EST on Friday and that person will win an XL Triton Brewing Company T-Shirt! One entry per person. We'll announce the winner in the comments so make sure to check back Friday after 5 to see if you've won.

Hoosier Beer Geek wishes Mike, David, and Jon the best of luck with their brewery. We look forward to drinking Triton Brewing Company beer in draft and bottles.

* * * * *

1The lease for the Broad Ripple space has already been signed by Thr3e Wise Men, but they are back in the hunt for a brewer and equipment.

2Big Woods Brewing company already has a reverse osmosis system in place, and we've just received word that Sun King will be installing a system next week.


  1. FYI, Triton will not be the 1st brewery in Indiana to have an RO system for treatment of brewing water...

  2. So does this mean 3 Wise Men is back to the drawing board for it's brewery operation in Broad Ripple?

  3. I vote 'No Hopologies'

    This is great news... that's not too far from home & it has been interesting to see the ups and downs of that area (63rd-71st along SR37/Binford). I'd say it is on the way up

    Triton -> GT Souths - or some variation - sounds like a pretty fine day to me! Cheers and good luck!!

    Tom H

  4. The lease for the Broad Ripple space has already been signed by 3 Wise Men, but they are back in the hunt for a brewer and equipment.

  5. Hopaloompa +1

    A brewery / tasting room on the N.E. side would be fantastic... Sunking downtown by work, Triton close to home? Yes please!

  6. Deweese certainly has a Midas Touch.

  7. Rail Splitter FTW.

    What does this mean for Three Wise Men? Will they still move forward with their brewing operation in B-ripple?

  8. As a side note - anyone entering the contest as an anonymous poster make sure to leave your name in your comment. Tom H has set a good example.

  9. I'm gonna vote AnticIPAtion, cause there are too many beer names with hop in them already and rail splitter doesn't tell me what kind of beer it is.

  10. I'll choose Hopaloompa.

    Have to say I was surprised to hear they aren't going to be in BRip with Wise. I think it was just 2 weeks ago that Waldman was talking about getting his zoning approved. I hope this doesn't negatively affect the chances of success for either party.

  11. Gotta go with RailSplitter

  12. The water system upgrade is part of on going scale up at Sun King Brewing Co. Enhanced carbon filtration and RO filtration are part of a comprehensive brewing water and waste water management plan.

  13. Another vote for Rail Splitter. Not so stoked on "cute" wordplay with IPAs anymore. Unless someone releases a DIPA/Imperial called Hoptopatamus, which I am now going to look up and trademark if it hasn't been done, because that's f'n brilliant.


  14. Rail Splitter is the obvious choice. A badass name for what will no doubt be a badass beer.

  15. Write-in vote: Glass Jaw.

    Great write-up, happy to hear about the new addition. If they do settle in the Binford corridor that would be a nice anchor for the area.

  16. Mike - HopCat in Michigan has a Hoppopotamus American IPA.

  17. I would be happy with Rail Splitter or AnticIPAtion. The Rail Splitter needs some explanation.

  18. The "Rail Splitter" was Abe Lincoln's nickname, but I'm not sure if that's where the name is coming from.

  19. We wish success to the Men of Triton. No ill wills. Mike and I have known each other for many years and called upon each other for help, favors and ideas - and will continue to do so. Our arrangement made for one that is difficult to make work. In the end, I think we are both better off in this direction. We have already signed the lease, acquired a new 20 bbl system from Premier Stainless in Southern California and have been interviewing brewers from across the country. Thr3e Wise Men will begin construction in about 2 months and be open by the Fall. Again, best wishes to Mike, Jon and David. PS - I like Rail Splitter. Sincerely, Scotty Wise

  20. I'll go with a write in vote "Badda-B-Dub-Gumbo...PA"

    Martin S

  21. Rodney, I was there a few months ago...knew it rang an extremely clever bell but that my atrocious spelling also prevented me from finding the correct answer. Librarian FAIL. I hang my head in shame.

  22. I guess the Wise Men didnt live up to their name.

  23. I'd like to write in the name
    IPA Freely.

    Kurt M

  24. Hopaloompa would be my choice. I look forward to sampling their brews.

  25. I guess I'll go for Rail Splitter

  26. It is now 5PM and random.org has chosen comment number 15, which means...

    tenaciousd is our winner!!!

    send us an email at hoosierbeergeek@gmail.com or twitter @hoosierbeergeek and we'll make sure you get your prize.

    Thanks for playing, everyone!

  27. Rail Splitter - love it.

  28. Rail Splitter...agree with the commenter that the cute wordplay is overdone.