22 December 2009

Join Us For The Third Annual Hoosier Beer Geek New Year's Party at Deano's Vino

In the past two years we've tried to put together a fairly affordable and relaxed yet festive New Years party with the help of the folks at Deano's Vino, and this year will be no exception.

If you've joined us on New Year's before, or if this is your first time, we think we've got a little something for everyone.

The beer list:

Koningshoeven Quadruple - It wouldn't be a HBG New Year without a Big Belgian-style beer, and Koningshoeven Quad is definitly that. Brewed by Trappist Monks and weighing in at 10% ABV, this beer currently holds the 10th position in our list of beers reviewed over the past three and a half years. Described by our crack panel as "sweet and smooth", "a nice punch in the brain", "luscious", "divine", and "Incredibly drinkable" (and that was the bottled version) - we're extremely excited to have this on tap.

As usual, we should warn you that in the case of the Belgian Quad, you should expect to see a price in the neighborhood of $10 per pint. We think it's worth it.

Boulder Hazed and Infused - We've know that if we're going to throw a party, we gotta keep the hopheads happy - This unfiltered dry-hopped ale is "hazed" in its natural state and "infused" with a Crystal and Centennial hop blend, creating a flavorful aromatic brew.

Sun King Java Mac - Brewed with the help of our very on Knight of the Beer Roundtable Gina, this coffee infused version of Sun King's Wee Mac Scottish Style Brown Ale has been a huge hit with Indianapolis area drinkers.

Sun King firkin - Beer geek love cask ales, and we're excited that the folks at Sun King will be rolling out a firkin of something special for the event. We'll let you know when we have a definite answer on what.

There will be a $15 buffet of Chef Jody Bryant's tasty treats so that you can keep yourself a little more balanced as the night goes on. We'll also have a DJ to keep the festivities lively.

Even if it's just your first stop of the night, we'll be happy to see you - and since there's no cover it won't set you back much to stop in an have a beer. We hope you'll join us for an event that's always a good time.

See you there!

Jason, Jim, Mike, Gina, Matt, Rodney, Chris, and Jess
The Hoosier Beer Geek Knights of the Beer Roundtable

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