11 December 2009

Hoosier Beer Geek's Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide Extravaganza

Well, the jolly fat man will soon be upon us, so how about some beer centric Christmas presents under the tree? If your family is anything like mine you will need a few of those beers before the day is over.

I've asked for beers for about the last five years in a row. I normally ask for beers that I usually don't pull the trigger on because of price. My favorites are usually the more expensive Belgian-style beers, or the English barleywines that are not very easy on the wallet. It isn't really all that expensive; I'm just cheap.

This month's issue of All About Beer has a good article on beer gift packs that usually include several beers and a nice piece of glassware to go with them. I am glad to see more things like that coming to the market since I've seen it for years in the spirits market. I particularly like the Samuel Smith's gift box that has one of their harder to find 18.7 oz glass included in them as well.

I've also really enjoyed my Sierra Nevada pint glasses that I got for Christmas last year. They have some great stuff at really good prices on their website.

If you have a homebrewer to buy for this year, I know that Great Fermentations offers gift cards that are great gifts to buy for a hard hobby to buy for unless they tell you specifically what they want.

Over the next week we'll be highlighting some of our recommendations for gifts for our fellow beer drinkers - some which you can find and buy on the internet (if you act fast), and some you can buy locally (and last minute). Stay tuned.

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