23 April 2008

How to Get Rid of...

On occasion you might find yourself with beer you just have no desire to drink*. At our house there's a few beers especially reserved for guests - the "here, maybe you'll like this" stash. Perhaps unfortunately, most of our guests these days know their beer. And so we're left to getting rid of this beer by our own devices.

With that in mind...

Lakefront Cherry Lager - A fizzy golden body supports an active head. Nose of sweet cherries and alka-seltzer, lively front, but drinking reveals little character - a light cherry flavor on the back end... a hint of apple? It's kinda like Budweiser plus a weak cherry tootsie pop flavoring.

Blatz Beer - The last of the left-overs from the Retro Beer Challenge. Poured with a thin head that quickly settled to nothing. Looks like a glass of yellow water... Nose - a hint of old trash can. Front - not too bad, really doesn't taste much like anything. Weird mouthfeel - kinda alkaline maybe? Not in taste, just in feel.

So what happens if you mix the two?

Lakefront Cherry Lager + Blatz - Half a finger of head, copper colored, quite lively. Nose - seems like it brought the cherry out more, actually... somehow it's almost like the Blatz filled the beer out MORE. Really odd. I think it's actually an improvement? If you really like Lakefront Cherry Lager but don't want to pay for more than one... Then again Blatz is only available by the case.

Well that turned out ok, what if I add something else? And in the spirit of Chelada...

Lakefront Cherry Lager + Blatz + Diet A&W Root Beer (were you expecting Clam Juice?) - Root Beer is beer, right? Two and a half fingers of head, nice copper/brown coloring...the root beer appears to be sitting on top, mostly. Actually looks really tasty. Nose of root beer and a hint of alcohol. Front is all root beer, but as it works it's way in I get a hint of corn flakes, or bran maybe. Once again, I think this is an improvement! You know the way soda works in an ice cream float, with the really thick pillowy head? Same thing here.

I'll admit this was a dumb experiment, but surprisingly enough I drank the whole thing. Not bad at all!

So let that be a lesson to you.

* * * * *

*I'll admit this concept may be foreign to you.


  1. Simply disgusting. Sorry!

  2. You can't drink that Iron City? It isn't that bad!

  3. I have a couple in my fridge that I keep trying to rid myself of. I've taken to creating mixed six packs and giving them to family and friends. It isn't a situation of disliking the beers, just tired of them and/or wanting to make room in the beer fridge for other beers.

  4. Oh don't worry... that Iron City will get drank, eventually. Most of this beer is just stuff I'd never choose first, and since there's always a lot of beer at the house, it just sits there.

    But not anymore! I now consider myself a beer mixologist. I'm like the guy that invented the Martini. In fact, I think it's in my best interest to name my concoction ASAP. I'll call it "Mike's Cherry Root Blatz". If you see it on a menu anywhere, let me know. There should be royalties involved.

    And as for anonymous' comment - "simply disgusting" - you should try the Cheleda.

  5. Or you could try Sam Adam's Triple bock

  6. I've been tempted to try a mixture of Mad Dog kosher wine and some sort of pissy macro lager. Sort of a facsimile of what we called a "trainwreck" in college (Boone's Farm mixed with Miller Lite). But then I think about the headaches I've gotten from drinking MD and then decide it's not worth it.

  7. That sounds sick. Blech. Root beer and beer mixed just doesn't sound appealing. I'd almost rather throw a party and put all my "rid of" beers in a tub of ice and peel all of the labels off and have a blind tasting.

  8. Gross! And How can you whine about having a Anchor Bock and a fine Russian Extra Lager in the fridge?

    Pretension has its place - but no one likes whining and grade school level "potion pouring"...

    Sorry but you know not the first person to make a beer cocktail - it's been going on for at least 300 years. I'm with Chipper - you can always have a blind tasting and learn something and share with friends instead of just chugging...

  9. no one likes obnoxious anonymous comments either, but what the heck, right?

    Also, certainly this person wasn't the first to make a beer float, but it was a fun read anyway.

    Yeah Matt, I'm pretty sure if we had a Triple Bock in the fridge it would have used as a marinade.

  10. "Pretension has its place"

    I don't really understand where the pretension lies in mixing two types of beer and a diet root beer, but if you see some sort of vanity there, I guess your claim is valid.

    "- but no one likes whining and grade school level "potion pouring"..."

    Well, I do - I think it's funny.

    And since I'm the one writing the articles, I think I'll go with what I like to do. If you're after all serious beer writing, Brew Bits seems to be working that market.

  11. Anyway, stay tuned because next week I'll be mixing Dark Lord with rendered animal fat to make Dark Lard.

  12. Someone obviously doesn't get your sense of humor, Mike. Too bad, that.

  13. "Anyway, stay tuned because next week I'll be mixing Dark Lord with rendered animal fat to make Dark Lard."

    I simultaneously laughed and barfed. Painful.

  14. Boil a brat in each of the beers and then grill them and see which beer makes the best beer to boil brats in.

    The alliteration is killing me.

  15. Boil Brats? Sounds like work. BOL! (Barfing Out Loud)

  16. Did I see a Warsteiner Dunkel in that lineup? Is my taste off? Uh oh...

  17. Indeed you did - it's not that the beer on the table is particularly bad, it's just that I've usually got something better lying around.

    Apparently Warsteiner is sorta the equivalent of Budweiser over in Germany - which I guess makes sense considering they've got a big enough budget to advertise with an F1 team.

    And I have no idea what the hell Kimi's supposed to be doing in the picture I just linked. Because I always discus in my race suit.

  18. And Rodney, tell your fiance it's not polite to not wave back to someone who's waving at you in the parking lot of Wasabi on 82nd.

    At least I think that was her...

  19. Anonymous #1 saw Chelada recently on a grocery shelf and walked by *quickly*. Whew! that was too close for comfort!

  20. She thought she saw you guys there when we drove by. We had just finished dinner at Adobo and were heading over to Marsh to pick up some fruit. I thought about going back after we got out of Marsh but it was absolutely pouring.

    Also we thought you were at Coldstone.

  21. Are you outing me as a Coldstone customer? We had started our night at Wasabi, and then had gift cards for Coldstone so why not.

    It was my first time. I'd rather have Ritter's.

  22. I think I probably prefer Coldstone over Ritters, but maybe that's just because I can mix my own flavor.