29 April 2008

The Hoosier Beer Geek KOTBR Second Anniversary Party is only Four Months Away!

The first Hoosier Beer Geek Knights of the Beer Roundtable Anniversary Party (back in August of 2007) was an overwhelming success. So despite having a few irons in the fire, we're already thinking about how and where to throw our second anniversary party. After viewing our survey data, it appears that a change of location might be a good way to mix things up.

We want your input. In the far right column* you'll see a poll containing of some of our potential - potential meaning we have no idea if they'll all have us - options. If you don't see your favorite spot, leave a comment here. We'll consider almost anywhere - and maybe we're missing somewhere. So click away, drop us a line, or leave a comment. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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*For those of you reading via email, you'll have to visit the site.


  1. I went with Badaboomz, preferably on a Monday for the 2.75 pint special. Badaboomz has a pretty good combination of beer selection, good price points and a lot of space.

    Was the first anniversary party the same as the DFH 90 Minute fiasco? I would also favor doing it at Deano's (DFH fiasco or not) just because I get the impression he's been really good to you guys in the past.

  2. I'll come as long as it is at a non-smoking venue. j-s

  3. The only DFH 90 fiasco I recall was taking myself out of the night's events at 10pm to go vomit and pass out in the parking lot... we did have pint price issues during our New Year's party, but those issues have been addressed since then.

  4. Maybe the New Years thing is what I was thinking of.

  5. I voted for Hot Shotz but Badaboomz is cool too, especially if they have a pint special going on.

  6. Two options:

    I don't know how many people will show, but a cookout style place where we can get a keg or two of something nice would be cool.

    I already voted for MacNivens because the people there are awesome, but another thought might be outside at the Rathskeller KellerBar. That would be nice in late summer.

  7. Matt - thinking about the crowd at DarkLord Day and all the trading and sampling has me thinking that an old fashioned kegger (but with good beer) wouldn't be a bad idea - but where to host it? Plus there are issues with selling beer and having permits and all of that - which you wouldn't think would be an issue, but because this is a public blog, it becomes an issue.

    One prospect we didn't list was using Big Car as a host - we've discussed it in the past. But I think we'd prefer to be able to just drink at the event as opposed to have to "work" it.

    Anyway, Thanks for the suggestion. It's something we should kick around.

  8. Hmmmm....I voted for BadaBoomz, but if it can be pulled off, I like the idea of a high class kegger with sampling.