03 April 2008

Been a long time since we got our free beer on

We don't know what beers we are serving yet, but hey, free beer. How could it go wrong?

Big Car Gallery at the Murphy Arts Center in Fountain Square
1043 Virginia Avenue, Suite 215
Indianapolis , IN 46203
Friday, April 4th, 6pm-9pm

You should see Kelly and myself there. Stop by and say hi and have a drink on us (and World Class Beverages).


  1. I would be there if I wasn't helping pour beer for World Class up in Lafayette from 6-9 the same night. Pour beer or drink beer.. /sigh.. My decision making skills need to be checked :-)

  2. Damn, I'm heading to Evanston tomorrow afternoon. Catch you guys next time.

  3. G420...I'm glad WCB was able to find people for Lafayette. I knew they were looking. Use my method of beer pouring when you are there....one for you, one for me, repeat.

    C'nd...there will be more free beer in the future, I promise.

  4. I like the way you think Jason. I have never worked one of these events before. I assume the pourers are allowed some sampling in moderation while there? No big deal either way, just curious ahead of time.

  5. Oh yeah, you gotta wet your wistle. Actually, you need to taste the beers you are sampling so that you can speak intelligently about them with those you are serving. I think these things are fun. I'm looking at voluteering at other beer fests. You see more people that way too. As long as you stay more sober than those you are serving, you'll be okay!