17 April 2007

something wicked this way comes

Hoosier Beer Geek is about to go high-tech on your asses!

Mike is working on a kick-ass logo for us to display proudly, as well as some updates to the site itself.

And Jason is bringing the tour de force - video highlights of our Roundtables so you can get to know the Knights of the Beer Roundtable a little bit better, and to see how much we actually drink compared to how much we report on! Yes, we will be posting on YouTube and then bringing the show over here. I know you won't believe this, but he came up with the idea while we were having a beer over lunch! The first one will be from the Barley Island trip, and will be up once he can get it edited.

You've probably also noticed the compilation post that we've been doing for the last two Roundtables that give you a brief summary of all posts. We did this to satisfy two camps of our adoring fans. One camp liked the old way where all reviews were published in one post. One camp liked the new way where everyone posts different reviews. This new way is the best of both worlds!

Let us know what you think!